WED 11/23
DREAM DELIVERIES: Mathias Svalina + Robert Yerachmiel Snyderman’s “Internal”



Since 2014, the poet Mathias Svalina has run The Dream Delivery Service in Denver, Colorado. In the Fall of 2016 through the Summer of 2017 he will be delivering dreams (by bicycle) in other cities, including Richmond, Marfa, New Orleans & Chicago and here in Tucson! Says Svalina, “I (will) write the dreams, without consultation with the dreamer. Each dream is unique to the dreamer/subscriber. Svalina has chosen this creative mode because he wants “to develop a new rhetorical mode for a reader to encounter an extended writing work”. Look forward to a telling/reading of this mysterious and compelling project. Robert Yerachmiel Snyderman, Perin McNelis, and Isaac Swimmer will perform “Internal,” an adaptation of an autobiographical text documenting extreme hunger inside the Warsaw Ghetto by Leyb Goldin.

TUES 11/15


(Artists in Person)   

Celebrated California video artist Eric Saks visits Exploded View to present videos that investigate outsider mysteries and fractured narratives that wind through the Mojave Desert. Saks’ media practice has focused on phone phreaking, media jamming, gun control, hazardous waste, underground youth lifestyle, and spirituality. Saks will screen Creosote, You Talk/I Buy and the premiere of Eidolon (featuring EV fave Bill Daniel!) and more. Local artists duo Verbo•bala (Adam Cooper-Terán & Logan Phillips) employ poetry and video in their piece Sonoran Strange: Cemamagĭ Doʼag, a work that explores the duality of  indigenous knowledge versus colonial science in a ritualistic study of Tucson’s sacred Tumamoc Hill.

WED 11/9
Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present + Weyant’s TONY BECOMES A BUDDHA

11conrad 11TC2_7

Since the early 1960s, Tony Conrad’s films and compositions have been the stuff of legend. His development and practice of Just Intonation and Minimalism through his work with Stockhausen and La Monte Young and his pivotal role in the formation of The Velvet Underground has been incredibly influential.  Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present by Tyler Hubby examines the pioneering life and works of this amazing artist, musician, activist and educator.   Opening the show will be Glenn Weyant conducting “TONY BECOMES A BUDDHA”.  Weyant’s original score is built upon sound ideas and philosophical ruminations put forth by Tony Conrad for an orchestra of amplified bowed guitars, cellos, violins, violas . These include but are not limited to: just intonation, 60-cycle amplifier ground hum tuning, improvisation, drone, noise, piezo amplification, harmonics and slavish Pythagorean demagoguery deconstruction. Orchestra is: Glenn Weyant, Samantha Bounkeua, Robert Villa, Sophie Gibson-Rush, Adam Cooper-Terán, Nik Rayne, Grant Beyschau, Connor Gallaher, Richard Young, John Melillo, Miguel Urbina, Jake Sorgen and Vicki Brown!!

SUN 10/30
MAD SONIC SCIENTISTS!: Tim Kaiser + Igloo Martian + Skincage + Fawn Bones


An evening of electro-acoustic innovations featuring Minnesota’s mad genius Tim Kaiser!  Kaiser is a sonic inventor exerting prowess over his hand-crafted instruments. A rig of Frankenstein objects creates a wall of sound, reacting to light, the flip of a switch, a shifted knob or the plucking of a steel rod. Growing out of this array are audible undulations, sheets of reverb and unknown timbre– all mutable, amorphous and evolving. Kaiser’s tableau of instruments resemble a scientific laboratory, a steampunk console, entertaining our imagination and questioning our definition of music. Joining Kaiser are Fawn Bones, Skincage and Igloo Martian!!

WED 10/26
Thundercrack! CANCELLED

Hi Folks, Due to our personal re-location and epic nature of this film, we have decided to CANCEL this Wednesday’s planned screening of Thundercrack!. We are fully expecting to show it at some future time.

Tuesday 10/18 
 POWER & PROTEST: Brian Mock’s RNC/DNC Slap Down + Deep State


NOTE NEW DATE –  day before the last Presidential debate!!

(Brian Mock in person)    

Pre-election provocateur, educator & outsider ethnologist Brian Mock presents a startling selection of narrated behind-the-scenes video from both the RNC and DNC! The second part of this evening features the post-Occupy sci-fi essay Deep State by UK artists Karen Mirza and Brad Butler The film takes its title from the Turkish term Derin Devlet, meaning ‘state within the state’. This shadowy nexus of special interests and covert relationships is the place where real power is said to reside, and where fundamental decisions are made – decisions that often run counter to the outward impression of democracy.

WED 10/12
 DIGITAL ALCHEMY: Works by Gregg Biermann & Axel Roessler

07labyrinthine 07biermannjpg-ffa 07holztiere_02

(Artists in Person)

The New Jersey based digital filmmaker Gregg Biermann presents a range of his exquisitely re-mixed takes on cinema. Writes, Larry Gottheim, “In this work Gregg Biermann has taken head-on some of the supreme moments of classical cinema and subjected them to a dazzling transformation in the digital domain. The results are exhilarating, surprising tours de force. They also have a zany quality that shows the artist to have a witty imagination. He is a prober into the hidden corners of cinema, and a master of computer-based wizardry.” The show opens with a screening of Frankfurt media artist (and recent Tucson transplant) Axel Roessler’s videos that engage cultural critique through computer modeling and manipulation!

Wed 10/5
LIVE SOUND//SILENT FILM – The Ådventures of Prince Åchmed with live score conducted by Scott Kerr

 06maxresdefault 0 R UMAX     PL-II            V1.5 [3]

The oldest surviving animated feature film and based upon based on the ancient stories “The Arabian Nights.”The Ådventures of Prince Åchmed is a 1926 German animated fairytale feature film by Lotte Reiniger. A handsome prince with a flying horse befriends a witch, meets Aladdin, and battles demons to win a princess. The film features a silhouette animation technique Reiniger had invented; the technique she used for the camera is similar to Wayang shadow puppets, though hers were animated frame by frame, not manipulated in live action.Micheal Henderson, Margaret McClelland, Stefanos Kokranis, Jillian LaCrux, and Kyle Bert join Scott Kerr in accompanying this marvelous film!

Tues 10/4
Bill Daniel presents Chip Lord’s Motorist -outdoor projection !


MOTORIST w/ Bill Daniel & mythic orange 65′ van in person!

(Special outdoor screening at EV OASIS 1333 N. 4th Ave -enter on Drachman)

Event by donation, Swimming & BYBO!!!

A 1989 video by Chip Lord which follows the driver of a 1962 Thunderbird as he crosses the Southwest to deliver the classic car to be sold in Los Angeles to a Japanese collector. The video is an travelogue/essay on the automobile as the symbol and vehicle of American freedom and identity.

Echoing this trip in 2016 is artist Bill Daniel as he drives his classic 1965 Chevy Van from Houston to sell in Los Angeles. Along Daniel’s trip west, following the route of Lord’s driver/protagonist, the 1965 van will be used as an outdoor projection site for screenings of MOTORIST.

Daniel has owed and driven the 1965 Chevy on multiple cross country exhibition tours since 1992. The van has variously functioned as a mobile installation piece, a graffiti wall, a home, and an icon in much of Daniel’s art. In deciding to sell the van it was appealing to bring the van back to it’s original home in California the parallel between this trip and the narrative in Chip Lord’s video MOTORIST came to mind, and it became apparent that this last trip in the Orange Van would need to be an exhibition tour as well. MOTORIST will be projected from/onto Daniel’s van a various outdoor sites between Houston and Los Angeles, in San Antonio, Marfa, Albuquerque, Tucson, Slab City, and other spots as yet unknown…

Since his early days in Ant Farm, Lord’s evocation of the automobile has been the car as avatar, as the spirit of America—that consummate combination of superior organized corporate technology and the pioneering triumph of the willful individual driver. Motorist is a 69-minute road picture in which the camera rides shotgun with TV actor Richard Marcus as he plays a drifting driver. Intercutting scenes of Marcus with clips of industrial films and commercials of the 1940s, ‘50s, and ‘60s,Motorist pinpoints the patriotic heroics and futuristic fantasies of Ford and General Motors, unleashing the pure romanticism of American automophilia at its most ecstatic heights.

WED 9/28

05barbara_hammer_0_005dyke 05BarbaraHammersanctus  05bild_3867

(Barbara Hammer in person) $10, $6 with U of A id

We are thrilled to host Barbara Hammer who is perhaps the greatest and most prolific living “first generation” lesbian experimental filmmaker. Uncompromising and innovative,  a visual artist working primarily in film and video, Barbara Hammer has made over 80 moving image works in a career that spans 40 years. Tonight we will screen a program of Hammer’s films that sample her trailblazing political and aesthetic practice from the 1970’s to the present. Films will include Dyketactics, No No Nooky TV, Sanctus, Maya Deren’s Sink and more.