WED 2/25
ECSTATIC DAYS / ABJECT NIGHTS : Simon Donovan & George Kuchar

(Artist in Person)

Tonight we are proud to present the video work of Simon Donovan, one of Tucson’s most acclaimed (and modest) artists alongside the filmwork of George Kuchar, the late, great & wild master who influenced both Andy Warhol & John Waters. Simon will present a selection of his own ironic, touching & often comedic single channel video works. Kuchar is considered the father of the video diary as well as Hollywood camp send-ups dating back to his 8mm teenage films in the 1960’s and tonight we will follow Donovan’s work with a salacious selection of his best works!!

20130405234522-George_Kuchar_Still_by_Marie_Losier_smaller simon

Wed 2/18

(Black History Month Special)

During the rise of The Black Power Movement in the 60’s and 70’s, Swedish Television journalists documented the unfolding cultural revolution for their audience back home, having been granted unprecedented access to prominent leaders such as Angela Davis, the SNCC’s Stokely Carmichael, and Black Panthers founders Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale.  Now, after more than 30 years in storage, this never-before-seen footage spanning nearly a decade is finally available. Director Goran Hugo Olsson presents this mixtape, focusing on the key figures and events in the movement- providing a radically different slant than the biases of the American media. With Talib Kweli, Erykah Badu, Abiodun Oyewole, John Forte, Robin Kelley and more!


Wed 2/11
SOME KIND OF CRAZY LOVE w/original scores by Michael P and The Gullywashers!!

Exploded & Embodied Valentine’s Day:

Flesh, Eros + Possessed Provocations

w/original scores by Michael P and The Gullywashers!!

WED 2/11

Spin out with the rare poetics of the short films offered this evening. Scott Stark’s Noema, Karen Yasinsky‘s No Place Like Home, Stephanie Barber’s Pornfilm, George Kuchar’s Hold Me While I’m Naked, 1930’s-50’s Gullywasher accompanied Nudie films and more!!


Sun 2/8 @ 8:00 $5
Healers (Oakland) + AZ77 + JRM

Tonight we welcome Healers, touring from NORCAL, playing their wares of darkwave punk reminiscent of SUICIDE. Local treasures AZ77 and Jess Matsen’s JRM open the show with scorched-out Sonoran sonic hospitality!


Wed 2/4
Fugitive Film Lounge: Benefit for Joe Gibbons

On New Years Eve 2014, renowned video artist Joe Gibbons was arrested for robbing a bank in Manhattan (while making a new video). Blurring the boundaries between fact and fiction, self and persona, Gibbon’s films and tapes combine a desire to connect, to confess, with a contradictory impulse to confabulate and dissimulate. This evening includes selection of Joe Gibbon’s autobiographical art prank Super-8 films & videos. Including collaborations with art world denizens including Tony Oursler & Karen Finley & Tony Conrad and showing works including: Living In The World & Confessions of a Sociopath & The Genius (excerpts)



Friday 1/30
ROGER BEEBE: Films for One to Eight Projectors

(Filmmaker in Person)
Best known perhaps for his multiple-projector performances, filmmaker/curator/professor Roger Beebe returns to the road in January 2015 for a four-month tour that takes him to three corners of North America including his first visit to Tucson! While this tour does feature several of his best-known projector performances (including the six-projector show-stopping space jam “Last Light of a Dying Star”), it places those works in the context of a broader practice of appropriation of educational/industrial/mass cultural imagery. These works cover a range of topics from black athletes with Irish surnames (“Famous Irish Americans”) and the secret logic of the book of Genesis (“Beginnings”) to Las Vegas suicides (“Money Changes Everything”) and companies jockeying to be at the start of the phone book (“AAAAA Motion Picture”). The program also includes his most recent video, “Historia Calamitatum (The Story of My Misfortunes), Part II: The Crying Game,” (award winner at a number of festivals including Chicago Underground, IC Docs, and Milwaukee Underground), which explores the forbidden pleasures of male tears.


Sat 1/17
Sound & Movement: Films by Jeremy Moss & Patrick Cain

A special pre-calendar show by two  touring filmmakers focuses on the intersection of sound, movement and film. Tonight we are happy to present Jeremy Moss (PA/UT) screening a selection of his recent 16mm films that engage dance  and radical abstraction. Three of his films will feature live sound played by local Tucson violinist & composer Vicki Brown. Also screening is Patrick Cain (DC/NY), who engages both music & film from a lo-fi handmade aesthetic. He will be accompanying his own films with a live tape sound mix. A super cool evening of film not to be missed in toasty Tucson!!

12 Cicatrix Chroma

Happy Holidays!!

After an AMAZING Fall season of over 25 shows of film & music, Exploded View is taking a holiday break till mid January to recoup and get our Spring season planned. Thanks for all of the patronage of the wonderful artists and audiences this season.  Look for our next calendar sometime soon after the new year.

magic EV sm022

Sun 12/7
Man With A Movie Camera with live musical score by Jimmy Carr!

Jimmy Carr & friends present a live score to Dziga Vertov’s masterwork Man With A Movie Camera. Recently voted the most important non-fiction film ever made by Sight & Sound Magazine, Man With A Movie Camera shows 24 hours in a single day of a Russian city. It took Vertov four years to film this day, and he worked in three cities: Moscow, Kiev and Odessa. His wife Yelizaveta Svilova supervised the editing from about 1,775 separate shots and the cinematography was by his brother, Mikhail Kaufman. Vertov felt film was locked into the tradition of stage plays, and it was time to discover a new style that was specifically cinematic-movies should move with the speed of our minds when one is free-associating, or with the speed of a passionate musical composition. Multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Jimmy Carr brings his captivating musical machine-age musings to the live scoring of this endlessly fascinating film!

24-Jimmy Carr and the Awkward Moments 24-2009kino-vertov3001 24-The_Man_With_a_Movie_Camera_1_vertov