Wed 10/22
William S. Burroughs at 100

‘William S. Burroughs at 100’ celebrates the life and work of the maverick writer and cultural agitator William Burroughs on the 2014 anniversary of his 100th birthday. Burroughs notorious sound / cut-ups / language virus work will be parsed by UA Assistant Professor and local musician John Melillo (Algae & Tentacles), with input from Exploded View associate curator Carl Hanni. Burroughs talk will be talked; Burroughs spoken word recordings will be played; books will be displayed; and films and videos will be shown.


Wed 10/15
LIVE VIDEO TRANSFORMATION HEX! Qalhexico: Video performance + late night SURPRISE Black Metal Trance Film!!

QALHEXICO presents Da’ath I,” an audio-visual spell cast against the Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Gods of War & Industry. The ceremonial performance is a live mix of drone music & esoteric video projections. Invoked by members Samantha Angiulo, R.A Sanchez, Heather Gray, and Adam Cooper-Terán. QALHEXICO is a coven of drone occultists from Tucson and Phoenix engaged in psychic battle against the Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Gods of War & Industry.  The second portion of the evening, EV presents a stunning feature length film on utopian society, ecology and Black Metal.


Sun 10/9
PERFORMANCE VIDEO AND COLORED GLOVES! Gary Setzer & Tommy Becker in person

Interdisciplinary artist, Gary Setzer opens his archives and shares a selection of single-channel videos reaching back to the turn of the century. Equal parts Sesame Street and process-oriented art, Setzer playfully blurs the distinction between these two languages—the aggressively tamed palette of an audience-friendly educational experience and the less accessible lineage of the avant-garde. For Tommy Becker, this evening’s show will explore and celebrate the dynamics of the high school landscape and complexities of relationships. Within these two themes, the role of color in art history, the vitality of lemons as educational inquiry and the ebb and flow in our interpersonal lives will be introduced through PowerPoint and celebrated in song.

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Thu 10/9

Richard Tuohy’s handcrafted 16mm films use captivating visual manipulations to sculpt an activated and reanimated reality which collectively represent a distinctively live cinematic experience. More visual then cerebral, these pictures move, and with an energy unique to film. While covering a range of techniques, strategies and visual themes, they each share the same tenacious unfolding of a set of abstract possibilities from out of singular visual ideas. This program presents eight hand-processed and DIY printed 16mm film works from the Tuohy’s recent output. The films, though diverse, are all highly abstract and tightly structured and share a fascination with the visual possibilities of basic traditional film technology.

09-cherry-kino-salt-still 09-cherry-kino-bad-blood 09-filmmaterialsoup

The Album Leaf (STATESIDE PRESENTS) $20 Live Solo Set & Film Screening

Doors 7 PM show @ 7:30 PM sharp

The Album Leaf (Sub Pop Records) is the acclaimed solo project of Jimmy LaValle, the San Diego-based songwriter whose music is inspired by a number of genres including classical, jazz, and post-rock — LaValle constructs his own songs in a similarly eclectic manner, utilizing everything from ambient noise to field recordings to radio transmissions. Michael Raine’s new documentary film, BEYOND THERE documents The Album Leaf’s first ever tour of China and other parts of Asia. Filmed during their last international tour, The band treks across Asia in a final attempt to gain traction in the changing landscape of music distribution. BEYOND THERE features stunning live performances and a rarely seen, intimate glimpse at the anti-rockstar side of a band on the precipice of change.

View Film Trailer Here:


9.26 the album leaf solo poster

Wed 9/24
MEDIA SHAMANISM Films & Poetry of Ira Cohen

EV Associate Curator, Carl Hanni guides us through the life and work of poet, photographer, filmmaker, publisher and legendary shaman/bohemian Ira Cohen. Ira Cohen lived and created a singular body of work in New York City, Tangier and Katmandu from the 1960s until his death in 2011. His contemporaries included William S. Burroughs, Angus MacLise (Velvet Underground), Gerard Malanga, Charles Henri Ford and Paul Bowles. EV will screen Cohen’s transcendent The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda and Kings With Straw Mats. In Kings With Straw Mats, Ira Cohen is both participant and observer to an extraordinary parade of people on pilgrimage into the heart of one of India’s greatest sacred celebrations, the Kumbh Mela. With the eye of a filmmaker and the voice of a poet, Cohen introduces an array of holy men as they gather for the event, which occurs only once every 12 years.


SUN 9/21
Robert Gardner’s Forest of Bliss

This programs plays tribute to the recent passing of the highly influential ethnographic filmmaker, Robert Gardner. Forest of Bliss is an unsparing yet redemptive account of the poignant range of joy, religious passion and grief and that punctuates daily life in Benares, India’s most holy city. The film unfolds from one sunrise to the next without commentary, subtitles or dialogue. It is an attempt to give the viewer a wholly authentic, though greatly magnified and concentrated, sense of participation in the experiences examined by the film. Indeed, Gardner’s unique approach to documentary filmmaking places this film on the divide between ethnographic filmmaking and the more personal cinematic style whose goals are closer to poetry.