Thu 4/9
Violins and Noise in the Magical Kingdom of Dust

Jeff Young

Tucson violinist Robert Anthony Villa will play the 2nd and 3rd movements from Ysaÿe’s Violin Sonata No. 2, followed by improvisation using themes by Ysaÿe or whatever he damn well feels like.

Jeff Young is a violinist, composer, and laptop musician based in Brooklyn, NY. He’ll perform a quirky selection of his own music for solo violin and live electronics under the heading Jeffrey Young’s Magical Kingdom of Dust, including in-your-face theatrics, unabashed shredding, and oceanic soundscapes. He’ll also play a short piece for speaking violinist and retuned violin by Paul Pinto, a fellow member of New York’s thingNY composer-performer collective.

Algae and Tentacles, yon squishy-squashy noise-band-with-a-backbeat led by local bard John Melillo, will for this show feature a violinist trifecta: Samantha Bounkeua, Becky Pattowiz, and the aforementioned Robert Anthony Villa.

Wed 4/1
EASTER SCREEECHHHH : Rock My Religion + The Myrrors

Dan Graham’s Rock My Religion (1982–84) is a video essay populated with both punk/rock performers (Patti Smith, Jim Morrison, Black Flag and Glenn Branca) and historical figures (including Ann Lee, founder of The Shakers). This fusion of voice-over, singing, shouting, jarring sounds & text overlaid onto shaky, gritty images proposes a historical genealogy of rock music and an ambitious thesis on the origins of America. Tucson’s psych prophets The Myrrors initiate the evening’s sonic resurrection as only they can!

Rock My Religion

Friday 3/27
ARCHITECTURE OF UPHEAVAL: City Symphonies of Dominic Angerame + Jazz Telephone !!

 (Filmmaker in Person)

Celebrated experimental filmmaker Dominic Angerame (SF) makes a special appearance at Exploded View, screening his film cycle that explores the unprecedented change in the urban landscape of San Francisco. Chronicled in beautiful black & white celluloid, Angerame poetically questions the role of human labor and the unintended consequences of progress on a city in chaotic flux. Tonight we screen films in both 16mm and video, including Deconstruction Site and In The Course of Human Events. Opening the show and accompanying Angerame’s films Continuum & The Soul of Things is sax master Jeff Grubic’s Jazz Telephone!!


Wed 3/18

It’s Dead Technology Night!

A celebration of media machines of times past! Witness the analog & mechanical sound musings of Igloo Martian, Purity of Essence, Jonathan Ray, Prabjit Virdee, Eric Schlappi , and Wyatt Schaffner each accompanying a mystery 16mm film. EV has provided each musician with merely the title and length of a “non-art” film… come marvel as they respond in real time before your very eyes & ears! The films are drawn from discarded educational and industrials archive at EV and span the gamut of esoteric and practical themes. An event of HEAVY synesthesia not to be missed!!


Wed 3/11
RADICAL GERMAN CINEMA PT. 2: Helma Sanders-Brahms

Unfortunately U of A Visiting Film Professor Annette Brauerhoch will NOT be introducing the show tonight as planned. We wish her a speedy recovery!

In both her fiction and documentary films Helma Sanders-Brahms

(1940-2014) consistently explored political and social issues from a

female and feminist point of view. Characteristic for her works is how

she artistically approached topics like the student protest of the late

1960s, feminism, women’s lib, immigrant workers and the legacy of

Germany’s Nazi history. Tonight we screen her first feature film

Under the Pavement Lies the Strand (1975), a film dealing with legal

reforms like the abortion bill and the atmosphere and aftermath

of the student movement in West-Germany.



Sun 3/8

Introduced by U of A Visiting Film Professor Annette Brauerhoch

Harun Farocki (1944-2014). Mr. Farocki made more than 100 films, many of them short experimental documentaries that explored contemporary life, and what he saw as its devastations — war, imprisonment, surveillance, capitalism — through the visual stimuli that attend them. Ruminative, but with an undercurrent of urgency born of his longstanding social engagement, Mr. Farocki’s films sought to illuminate the ways that the technology of image-making is used to shape public ideology. Tonight we screen two of Farocki’s masterful late essay works: War at a Distance (2003) and Workers Leaving the Factory (1995).

farocki05 harun_farocki01

Wed 3/4
Can You Dig It, Man? : BEAT FILM & POETRY

 EV delves into the riches of hip scenes past and present with an exploration of the crossover between film and poetry in the BEAT enclaves of North Beach & Greenwich Village. Man of letters John Melillo makes the scene and presents a selection of readers (including Housten Donham, Johanna Skibsrud and  Christopher Cokinos) re-interpreting BEAT writings. On the celluloid side, we are screening SF’s Christopher Maclain’s apocalyptic speedtrip The End, Robert Frank’s Pull My Daisy (narrated by Kerouac) + rare films by Wallace Berman + Bruce Conner !!


WED 2/25
ECSTATIC DAYS / ABJECT NIGHTS : Simon Donovan & George Kuchar

(Artist in Person)

Tonight we are proud to present the video work of Simon Donovan, one of Tucson’s most acclaimed (and modest) artists alongside the filmwork of George Kuchar, the late, great & wild master who influenced both Andy Warhol & John Waters. Simon will present a selection of his own ironic, touching & often comedic single channel video works. Kuchar is considered the father of the video diary as well as Hollywood camp send-ups dating back to his 8mm teenage films in the 1960’s and tonight we will follow Donovan’s work with a salacious selection of his best works!!

20130405234522-George_Kuchar_Still_by_Marie_Losier_smaller simon

Wed 2/18

(Black History Month Special)

During the rise of The Black Power Movement in the 60’s and 70’s, Swedish Television journalists documented the unfolding cultural revolution for their audience back home, having been granted unprecedented access to prominent leaders such as Angela Davis, the SNCC’s Stokely Carmichael, and Black Panthers founders Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale.  Now, after more than 30 years in storage, this never-before-seen footage spanning nearly a decade is finally available. Director Goran Hugo Olsson presents this mixtape, focusing on the key figures and events in the movement- providing a radically different slant than the biases of the American media. With Talib Kweli, Erykah Badu, Abiodun Oyewole, John Forte, Robin Kelley and more!


Wed 2/11
SOME KIND OF CRAZY LOVE w/original scores by Michael P and The Gullywashers!!

Exploded & Embodied Valentine’s Day:

Flesh, Eros + Possessed Provocations

w/original scores by Michael P and The Gullywashers!!

WED 2/11

Spin out with the rare poetics of the short films offered this evening. Scott Stark’s Noema, Karen Yasinsky‘s No Place Like Home, Stephanie Barber’s Pornfilm, George Kuchar’s Hold Me While I’m Naked, 1930’s-50’s Gullywasher accompanied Nudie films and more!!