SAT 4/19
OLD WEIRD AMERICA: MUSIC & BBQ!! Marissa Anderson + Babat Duag

Anderson(Portland) + Babat Duag featuring Ryne Warner(Ohioan)

SAT  4/19  BBQ at 6:00 Show starts at 7PM

Join us for an evening of juke joint merriment and street side BBQ as we welcome acclaimed finger style guitarist Marisa Anderson from Portland. Anderson’s recent album Mercury (Mississippi Records) was heralded by NPR as one of “5 New Guitar Records That Would Make John Fahey Proud” and called “brilliant” by Opening the show is Ohioan mastermind Ryne Warner’s new Moroccan psyc/drone guitar & banjo duo Babat Duag (with Jim Colby)!


Marisa Anderson full7(1)

Wed 4/16
BURNING BUNGALOWS: Experimental Film & Animation on the Road From LA


WED 4/16 @ 7:30

3 Filmmakers in person!

The second part of our series investigating new work from regional hotbeds of experimental media. The artists write, “With a handmade mix of animation and live action on video, super 8, 16mm and 35mm slides we’re covering all the bases for an eclectic hour and 20 minutes.  The films tend toward an ethereal conjuring of spirits with a dystopian punk attitude.” Filmmakers Alee Peoples, Cosmo Serguson & Abby Banks will be here in person to present this unusual assortment of new work!


Sat 4/12
Michael Klier’s The Giant (Der Riese)


SAT. 4/12@ 7:30

Co-sponsored by U of A German Studies

Comprised entirely of material generated by surveillance cameras, Der Riese is a rhapsodic but ominous work depicting the world with a cold mechanical spirit. That nothing can escape the chill stare of surveillance is only the starting point of Klier’s tape. People come and go in public places-parks, department stores, banks, airports- like lifeless ciphers, unaware of the authoritarian stare of the camera. The flattened field of vision, black-and-white imagery, and sterile quality of the technology make the inhabitants of Der Riese emptied shadows. Lyrically constructed sequences unfold to the strains of Mahler and Wagner, adding an almost heroic mood to this dark work.


Wed 4/9

WED. 4/9 @ 7:30

Filmmakers in person w/ live multi-16mm film performance!!

Anja Dornieden & Juan David González are experimental filmmakers living and working in Berlin. Since 2010 they have been working together under the moniker OJOBOCA. In their work they are practitioners of Horrorism, a simulated method for inner and outer transformation. Tonight, their program, titled Now I Want to Laugh will present a thought provoking selection of their recent 16mm films and performances.


Sun 4/6
North African Film Festival: Women of the Maghreb


A selection of 5 films about women in North Africa

(This program was made possible, in part, through cooperation with Women’s Voices Now)

12.30pm Doors open; photography exhibit
1.00pm Introduction: Christian Sinclair, assistant director, UA Center for Middle Eastern Studies; and Hafsa Oubou, graduate student, UA School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies
1.10pm Women’s Voices Now promotional video (2m)
1.15pm The Daughter of Keltoum (Algeria, 2001, 106m)
3.15pm Avant-Propos (Tunisia, 2007, 16m)
3.35pm You Can Dream (Morocco, 27m)
4.10pm Behind (Morocco, 4m)
4.20pm Satin Rouge (Tunisia, 2002, 95m)

Sat 4/5
EXPLODED VIEW INVITATIONAL: The Altered Arizona Postcard Show

Opening @ 5:30 (free)

The common & diminutive canvas of the postcard is one that evokes a range of personal responses. Exploded View has invited Arizona artists from a wide range of disciplines and generations to transform, through any chosen means, a selection of Arizona postcards dating from the 50’s to the 90’s. Artists include Bill Mackey, Jeff Lownsbury, Eliza Adams, Michael Cadieux, Andy Burgess, Simon Donovan, Carrie Vonier, Lawrence Gipe, Jenny Day, Peter Young, R. Pinpole, Tom Walbank, Heather Gray, Barbara Penn, Angie Zielinski, Jocko Weyland, Dimitri Kosyrev, Laurie McKenna, Ben Todd, The Gloo Factory, and more. Also, the inauguration of our printed matter kiosk stocked with editions of this show’s postcards! Music by Lonesome Shack solo (Seattle)


Thurs 4/3
THE LIVES OF COPPER : Lucy Raven’s China Town

Thursday 4/3 @ 7:30

Artist Lucy Raven in person!

Over 7,000 photographs edited together create this experimental video that documents the global production of copper. Media artist, Lucy Raven’s journey begins in the open-pit copper mines of eastern Nevada. From there, she follows the raw material all the way to China, where it is processed, refined, and ultimately made into electrical wire. The seemingly simple story of copper is complicated by the economics of globalization, natural resource conservation, and nationalism.

15-LR_CT_turbine_940 15 LR_CT_trucks_above_940

CULTURES UNDER ATTACK! Wounaan: A People of the Rainforest

SAT. 3/29 @ 7:30

Filmmaker Liz Kennedy in person!

Wounaan: A People of the Rainforest documents the rhythms and activities of daily life of the Wounaan, an indigenous tribe inhabiting the rainforest of the west coast of Colombia during the mid-sixties. The activities of a constructed day, through close-ups and candid moments, afford the viewer a unique glimpse into the cooperative and egalitarian nature of a subsistence culture based on agriculture and hunting and fishing. Since Wounaan, social life has recently been severely disrupted by capitalist violence, the film captures a critical historical moment.

14Kennedy 187

{EXTREME SOUTHERN CULTURE part 3} The Dancing Outlaw

WED. 3/26  @ 7:30

*Carl’s Cine Club

Originally screened in 1991 on West Virginia Public TV, director Jacob Young profiles the troubled but always entertaining mountain dancer Jesco White. White’s father was a famous mountain dancer; his son is equally obsessed with Elvis Presley and combining clog and backwoods tap dancing, always with an eye towards the camera. A great look at end of the century Appalachia; Dancing Outlaw turns the camera on an American original and lets him do his thing.


SAT 3/22
COLLABORATION WITH NATURE: Films Made with Natural Processes

SAT. 3/22 @ 7:30

Julie Perini & Amy Harwood in person!

Direct filmmaking meets environmental action in a program of films using organic and inorganic material to alter the film surface. Co-presented by Signal Fire, an organization engaging artists in our remaining wild and open spaces, this collection shows a range of effects used to intervene on the actual film exposure and processing: decay, spore hosting, compost, exposure to bioluminescent plants, processing in polluted lakes, magnetic alteration, and more.  The program includes work by Dorothea Braemer & Brian Milbrand, Dagie Brundert, Caryn Cline, Devon Damonte, Lori Felker, Melissa Friedling, Eva Kolcze, Robbie Land, Christine Lucy Latimer, Julie Perini, Jeremy Rendina and Ken Paul Rosenthal.

12Fruit Flies_Christine Lucy Latimer_film still_2