Fri 11/7

Exclusive Event

$10 admission (no reservations….line up early…only 40 available seats!)

Exploded View is one of several hundred art spaces around the world (Sarajevo, Prague, Tokyo, Warsaw and Istanbul etc…) that have been chosen to premiere Bjork’s astonishing new multimedia concert film, BIOPHILIA LIVE. Nick Fenton and Peter Strickland’s film captures the human element of Björk’s multi-disciplinary multimedia project: Biophilia. Recorded live at Björk’s show at London’s Alexandra Palace in 2013, the film features Björk and her band performing every song on Biophilia and more using a broad variety of instruments – some digital, some traditional and some completely unclassifiable. The film has already been hailed as a captivating record of an artist in full command of her idiosyncratic powers. “There are not many artists who can combine the lifecycle of a jellyfish with a breakbeat and make it work. But this is an extraordinary piece, perhaps more an opera, where Björk and drummer Manu Delago are at their virtuosic best. It’s utterly bonkers yet moving – especially a strange love song set to a mutating virus. “
- The Guardian



Wed 11/5
LO-FI FILM FESTIVAL with opening set by Prabjit Virdee

The Lo-Fi Film Festival, which is produced by Basement Media (Chicago), is a survey of contemporary artists working with low definition, low technology, and low fidelity motion picture techniques. LFFF is a celebration of the signal to noise ratio that underlies all media- of #fuzzy, #glitchy, + #grimy. Expect a fantastic opening set by local musical polymath Prabjit Virdee (Mute Swan, Union Pacific) setting the stage for a scratchy evening of lo-fi sonic & visual kulture!

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Sat 11/ 1

6-9 pm, FREE

Art Installation Opening

Regret and Rationalization is a piece that uses sound, text, drawing, photography, and video to explore and portray the human aptitude to regret and rationalize at the individual and community level. Individually, we process this loop of regret and rationalization as we travel through the landscape (what else is there to do as we drive our cars, ride our bicycles, or take the trolley?). Collectively, the stories, policies and the subsequent built environment are supported by a public process of regret and rationalization.

Bill Mackey is the principal at Worker, Inc., a company that specializes in the production of architecture, exhibits, pamphlets, books, artworks and other ephemera. His main objective is to explore the psychological, cultural, physical, and political connections humans have to the physical landscape.


Tues 10/28
Silent Film // Live Music: Salvador Dali & Luis Buñuel’s Un Chien Andalou

($10 admission)

Vicki Brown, Naim Amor & Connor Gallaher each perform a unique live score to Dali & Buñuel’s 1929 silent surrealist film classic, Un Chien Andalou. Come experience the most provocative and confrontational film of all times interpreted by 3 of Tucson’s finest musicians in the form of 3 unique soundtracks that will forever change your experience of the film. Tonight, experience 3 times the eye-slicing & ear thrilling wonder all presented in a 16mm film projection event!! At its Paris premiere, the 21 minute Chien caused a riot with it’s sexual and religious blasphemy! Almost 100 years past it’s making, the film remains a deeply mysterious, provocative and frighteningly beautiful framing of our collective dreamspun unconscious.

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Sun 10/26
RADIO URUGUAY: Mark Street’s Hasta Nunca.

Filmmaker Mark Street (Brooklyn) in person!

EV is thrilled to present the work of longtime compatriot, Mark Street, an always adventurous and insightful filmmaker with a practice that spans from experimental film to re-invented documentary and narrative forms. Street’s experimental narrative, Hasta Nunca follows Mario Ligetti, a middle aged hipster DJ who produces an underground radio show in Montevideo, Uruguay. On his show “Secrets and Stories”, he invites listeners to share their intimate thoughts with him and a live radio audience. The film is the product of a close collaboration between Street and an Uruguayan cast and crew, and lead actor Rufo Martínez, a real life DJ and television personality. Shot in cinéma vérité style, Hasta Nunca takes a deeper look at one of Latin America’s under represented countries, carefully touching upon local themes like the lingering effects of the dictatorship and the illegality of abortion. The film interweaves documentary and fiction, scripted narrative and improvisation, and is as much a portrait of Montevideo as it is the story of one of its chroniclers.



Wed 10/22
William S. Burroughs at 100

‘William S. Burroughs at 100’ celebrates the life and work of the maverick writer and cultural agitator William Burroughs on the 2014 anniversary of his 100th birthday. Burroughs notorious sound / cut-ups / language virus work will be parsed by UA Assistant Professor and local musician John Melillo (Algae & Tentacles), with input from Exploded View associate curator Carl Hanni. Burroughs talk will be talked; Burroughs spoken word recordings will be played; books will be displayed; and films and videos will be shown.


Wed 10/15
LIVE VIDEO TRANSFORMATION HEX! Qalhexico: Video performance + late night SURPRISE Black Metal Trance Film!!

QALHEXICO presents Da’ath I,” an audio-visual spell cast against the Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Gods of War & Industry. The ceremonial performance is a live mix of drone music & esoteric video projections. Invoked by members Samantha Angiulo, R.A Sanchez, Heather Gray, and Adam Cooper-Terán. QALHEXICO is a coven of drone occultists from Tucson and Phoenix engaged in psychic battle against the Worldwide Mad Deadly Gangster Gods of War & Industry.  The second portion of the evening, EV presents a stunning feature length film on utopian society, ecology and Black Metal.


Sun 10/9
PERFORMANCE VIDEO AND COLORED GLOVES! Gary Setzer & Tommy Becker in person

Interdisciplinary artist, Gary Setzer opens his archives and shares a selection of single-channel videos reaching back to the turn of the century. Equal parts Sesame Street and process-oriented art, Setzer playfully blurs the distinction between these two languages—the aggressively tamed palette of an audience-friendly educational experience and the less accessible lineage of the avant-garde. For Tommy Becker, this evening’s show will explore and celebrate the dynamics of the high school landscape and complexities of relationships. Within these two themes, the role of color in art history, the vitality of lemons as educational inquiry and the ebb and flow in our interpersonal lives will be introduced through PowerPoint and celebrated in song.

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Thu 10/9

Richard Tuohy’s handcrafted 16mm films use captivating visual manipulations to sculpt an activated and reanimated reality which collectively represent a distinctively live cinematic experience. More visual then cerebral, these pictures move, and with an energy unique to film. While covering a range of techniques, strategies and visual themes, they each share the same tenacious unfolding of a set of abstract possibilities from out of singular visual ideas. This program presents eight hand-processed and DIY printed 16mm film works from the Tuohy’s recent output. The films, though diverse, are all highly abstract and tightly structured and share a fascination with the visual possibilities of basic traditional film technology.

09-cherry-kino-salt-still 09-cherry-kino-bad-blood 09-filmmaterialsoup