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SAT 4/22 Peripheries: Groundbreaking Border Video Works

(Artists  in person)

A night of video and new media works examining the intersections between community and international borders through audio, video, animation, and virtual reality.

“Peripheries” features a group of five artists and journalists from diverse backgrounds, including works by Jason Aragón, Wesley Creigh, Conor Elliott Fitzgerald, Jennifer Hijazi, and Khaled Jarrar. All participating artists will be in attendance.

Admission to the exhibition is free but donations will be accepted to support the work of Mariposas Sin Fronteras, a Tucson-based organization that provides legal counsel and support to LGBTQ immigrant detainees.


SAT 12/3
 (7-9 PM)

15156880_373296726349497_1812125532281834158_o14cherry editions14cherry

Cherry Art Editions release party featuring a limited postcard and CD set and performance by legendary local artist and musician Al Perry, memory card game limited editions by Servane Mary of New York City and Nina Ott of Milwaukee, and a book of writings by Bryan Price, of Los Angeles. Elizabeth Cherry is a known cult figure in the Tucson art scene. Her past credits include Elizabeth Cherry Gallery, where she featured world-renowned conceptual artists.

SAT 4/18
The Exploded View Invitational Altered Album Cover Show

6PM (free)

Whether iconic or obscure, wild or laid back, we respond to the art of record album covers in deeply personal ways. Here, in Tucson, vinyl is omnipresent and alive in record swaps, fairs, thrift stores, yard sales and living rooms. EV has invited over 20 artists, dj’s, musicians and collagists to respond to the challenge of altering (re-invented through any desired medium or means) one album cover as a 12.25” x 12.25” canvas for their own imagination. Participants include: Boyd + Lesli Peterson, Fish Karma, Al Perry, Nika Kaiser, Kidd Squidd, Eric Kroll,Carl Hanni, Nick Georgiou,Wesley Fawcett Creigh, Clif Taylor, Christopher Stevens, Carrie Vonier, Bill Mackey, Tom Walbank, Beth Weinstein, Adam Cooper-Teran, Igloo Martian, Andy Burgess, R.Pinpole, Debra Gregerman, Melissa Mauzy, Mommy Ballon, Laurie McKenna, Donovan White , Michael Cadieux, Heather Gray, Timo Sweet, Dimitri Kozyrev. Join us at the opening for an unveiling of re-configured cover-art as well as a spinning of chosen LP’s!


SAT 4/11

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.11.05 PM


Tisch Abelow (NYC) and Wesley Fawcett Crei


SAT 4/11 (free!)

Tisch Abelow (NYC) and Wesley Fawcett Creigh (Tucson) pay a surreal homage to their teenage years with an experimental documentary film comprised of footage taken 12 years earlier during their senior year of high school. In the fall of 2013, Tisch revisited this footage and pared it down into a short film, mostly starring Wesley’s father, which she calls, “a musing on the mundane.” In addition, there will be a collaborative 2-D artwork spanning the course of their friendship reflecting on the nihilistic and absurd tendencies of youth. Please join us as we “come of age” with cake and local DJ’s.

Sat 11/ 1

6-9 pm, FREE

Art Installation Opening

Regret and Rationalization is a piece that uses sound, text, drawing, photography, and video to explore and portray the human aptitude to regret and rationalize at the individual and community level. Individually, we process this loop of regret and rationalization as we travel through the landscape (what else is there to do as we drive our cars, ride our bicycles, or take the trolley?). Collectively, the stories, policies and the subsequent built environment are supported by a public process of regret and rationalization.

Bill Mackey is the principal at Worker, Inc., a company that specializes in the production of architecture, exhibits, pamphlets, books, artworks and other ephemera. His main objective is to explore the psychological, cultural, physical, and political connections humans have to the physical landscape.


Wed 8/6
Art Opening & Animation!

5 pm Opening, Animation & Music show at 8!!


ANAGRAM COLLECTIVE–an artist collective formed by painters Arthur Johnstone and Nate Carlson, animator Auden Lincoln-Vogel and poet/musician Annelyse Gelman–is returning to Tucson from their summer residency in rural New Mexico.

Join us for a drinks-and-art party at EXPLODED VIEW on August 6, featuring paintings and works on paper – landscapes, portraits, the illustrated Invisible Cities of Italo Calvino – a performance of brand-new songs, and the unveiling of our hand-painted animation, “Gila”.


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Sun 6/29
Tramp Species of the American Southwest


Tramp Species of the American Southwest
Ralph White and Bill Daniel on tour!

Hobo filmmaker/punk photographer Bill Daniel, and freak/folk traditionalist/experimentalist Ralph White (former Bad Livers) tour West Texas, New Mexico and Arizona with a show that features Ralph’s hybrid musical performance— including an improve set with 16mm films— plus a film screening of Daniel’s underground classic, Who is Bozo Texino?, plus other new short films from the American micro-cinema scene. Pop-up photo show at some venues.
“…the work of a player who has fully internalized old time and bluegrass and who is now reshaping them into a brand new, highly individualized form…this guy isn’t naive; he’s a master” (Justin Farrar, Strawberry Flats)
“In his work, Daniel is attracted to outsiders in the most literal sense — people who live on the outside of civilization, for whom, in Daniel’s eyes, mere survival is an act of artistic expression.” -RES Magazine

Watch “Who Is Bozo Texino?” trailer here:

Sat 4/5
EXPLODED VIEW INVITATIONAL: The Altered Arizona Postcard Show

Opening @ 5:30 (free)

The common & diminutive canvas of the postcard is one that evokes a range of personal responses. Exploded View has invited Arizona artists from a wide range of disciplines and generations to transform, through any chosen means, a selection of Arizona postcards dating from the 50’s to the 90’s. Artists include Bill Mackey, Jeff Lownsbury, Eliza Adams, Michael Cadieux, Andy Burgess, Simon Donovan, Carrie Vonier, Lawrence Gipe, Jenny Day, Peter Young, R. Pinpole, Tom Walbank, Heather Gray, Barbara Penn, Angie Zielinski, Jocko Weyland, Dimitri Kosyrev, Laurie McKenna, Ben Todd, The Gloo Factory, and more. Also, the inauguration of our printed matter kiosk stocked with editions of this show’s postcards! Music by Lonesome Shack solo (Seattle)