WED 11/23
DREAM DELIVERIES: Mathias Svalina + Robert Yerachmiel Snyderman’s “Internal”



Since 2014, the poet Mathias Svalina has run The Dream Delivery Service in Denver, Colorado. In the Fall of 2016 through the Summer of 2017 he will be delivering dreams (by bicycle) in other cities, including Richmond, Marfa, New Orleans & Chicago and here in Tucson! Says Svalina, “I (will) write the dreams, without consultation with the dreamer. Each dream is unique to the dreamer/subscriber. Svalina has chosen this creative mode because he wants “to develop a new rhetorical mode for a reader to encounter an extended writing work”. Look forward to a telling/reading of this mysterious and compelling project. Robert Yerachmiel Snyderman, Perin McNelis, and Isaac Swimmer will perform “Internal,” an adaptation of an autobiographical text documenting extreme hunger inside the Warsaw Ghetto by Leyb Goldin.

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