WED 3/9
ORNETTE COLEMAN TRIBUTE: Shirley Clarke’s Ornette: Made in America

09 ornette 09 Ornette-Made-in-America-review 09 ornette clarke

Ornette: Made in America captures Ornette Coleman’s evolution over three decades. Returning home to Fort Worth, Texas, in 1983 as a famed performer and composer, documentary footage, dramatic scenes and some of the first music video-style segments ever made chronicle his boyhood in segregated Texas and his subsequent emergence as an American cultural pioneer and world-class icon. Among those who contribute to the film include William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Buckminster Fuller, Don Cherry, Yoko Ono, Charlie Haden, Robert Palmer, Jayne Cortez and John Rockwell. The film focuses on the struggles and triumphs of Ornette Coleman’s life as well as on the inspired intelligence that spawned his creativity and ensured his success. Experimental pioneer, Shirley Clarke’s film explores the rhythms, images and myths of America seen through they eyes of an artist’s ever-expanding imagination and experience.

TUES 3/1
BASMA ALSHARIF : Home Away from Home



(Filmmaker, Basma Alsharif in person)
Artist Basma Alsharif comes to EV to present a special program of her single-channel exprimental video works! Basma is an Artist/Filmmaker of Palestinian origin born in Kuwait, raised between France and the US. She developed her practice nomadically between Cairo, Beirut, Sharjah, Amman, and the Gaza Strip. Basma’s work centers on the human condition in relation to shifting geopolitical landscapes, natural environments and history. Home Away from Home presents a selection of Alsharif’s work that delves into that abyss of the idea of home. Obliterating any domestic idea of such a place, the program moves between the soporific, apathetic and psychedelic.

WED 2/24
FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER (times) FOUR!!! (Live Sound / Silent Cinema)

house of usher (1)-page-001

Tonight in conjunction with Tucson’s Big Read Connects, EV presents the most avant-garde film interpretation of an Edgar Allen Poe’s tale, The Fall of the House of Usher. Made in Los Angeles in 1928 by James Watson & Melville Webber this rarely screened black & white American expressionist horror masterpiece will be scored four times by 4 amazing Tucson musicians/bands. Featuring sound & text from Algae & Tentacles, Lousie LeHir + Annie Dolan, Carbon Canyon, and Robert Villa. Come for the love of Poe, music and musical experimentation!

SAT 2/20

06 Schlappi

with Skincage + Igloo Martian + sunfucked + Lunar Halo (featuring Nik & Grant of the Myrrors)

This show will a be a album release performance of Schlappi’s entire epic sound suite Poseidonis with accompanying live visuals.

Schlappi says “It’s from a story by Clark Ashton Smith. Poseidonis is basically Atlantis. Smith was influenced by Madame Blavatsky who was a medium around the same time as Aleister Crowley and wrote a lot about Atlantis and unearthed secret histories of the occult. “ Featuring the heavy sounds and wild manifestations of Tucson’s DIY expanded NOISE community!

WED 2/17
Chantal Akerman’s Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai Du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles

05Jeanne Dielman

Tonight EV pays tribute to recently departed pioneer feminist/lesbian filmmaker Belgian filmmaker Chantel Akerman (1950-2015) with a screening of her epic first feature film, Jeanne Dielman. At almost 3 hours and meticulously detailed, this film has a sense of impending doom, the daily routine of a middle-aged widow (Delphine Seyrig) whose chores include making the beds, cooking dinner for her son, and turning the occasional trick. In its enormous spareness, Akerman’s minimalist film encompasses an entire world. Whether seen as an exacting character study or one of cinema’s most hypnotic and complete depictions of space and time, Jeanne Dielman is an astonishing, compelling movie experiment, one that has been analyzed and argued over for decades. (201 minutes)

FRI 2/12
PETER ROSE: Towards a 6th Dimensional Cinema

6D B6D D

(Filmmaker Peter Rose in Person) Co-presented by the Hanson Film Institute

It is EV’s true honor to present an in-person screening of the visionary work of multimedia artist Peter Rose (Philadelphia) at EV. Drawing on his background in mathematics and physics, Peter Rose has been working for over 40 years with time, space, sound and light to conjure higher dimensions of vision and his work has been shown at major venues throughout the US and Europe. Rose will show a survey of his work to date: twenty-five screen multiple images that spatialize time; documents of video installations that play with appearance and reality, and investigations of novel forms of illumination, all culminating in the first display of Rose’s most recent experiments in Six-Dimensional video. 3D glasses will be provided!!!

WED 2/10
JIM COLBY’s Sonaural
with filmmaker, Patrick Cain + Altrice

ev sonaural image (1)

SONAURAL is the debut performance of an electronic music project by Tucson-based artist JAMES COLBY (Vox Urbana/New Doubt). Each composition is created entirely from field recordings collected in Tucson over the past 6 months and mangled into half-recognizable leftfield beats and drones. DC-based film artist PATRICK CAIN will induce synesthesia with accompanying live video manipulations, and the night will culminate with a DJ set from local producer legend ALTRICE. Come and dance to sounds wrangled directly from the concrete urban prairies of Tucson!

THU 2/4
Irene Lusztig’s The Motherhood Archives

02 motherhoodarchiveheader

(Filmmaker, Irene Lusztig in person)

We are pleased to welcome the filmmaker Irene Lusztig (Santa Cruz) presenting her latest film, The Motherhood Archives. Archival montage, science fiction and homage to 1970s feminist filmmaking are woven together to form this haunting and lyrical essay film that excavates hidden histories of childbirth in the twentieth century. Assembling her extraordinary trove, including newly rediscovered Soviet and French childbirth material tracing the evolution of Lamaze, The Motherhood Archives inventively untangles the complex, sometimes surprising genealogies of maternal education. This extraordinary achievement illuminates our changing narratives of maternal success and failure while raising important questions about our social and historical constructions of motherhood.


Wed Jan 27
Degenerate Video Lounge: SEX MACHINE! Matthew Barney & Luther Price

1 cremaster-41 luther-price-utopia030

EV’S Spring opens with a deviant BANG, pairing the decadent 90’s most unsettling sexual provocateurs Matthew Barney & Luther Price. In their own distinct and deranged filmworlds, hyper/poly/queer sexuality is re-imagined in relation to fetishized MACHINES. Shot on the Isle of Man, Cremaster 4, the first film in the epic Cremaster Cycle, is Barney’s mythic motorcycle racing, polysexual adrenalized allegory featuring Barney as the dandyish tapsuited Satyr. Boston filmmaker Luther Price’s Me Gut No Dog Dog (1995), is a libido driven obsessive found-footage dirge which must be seen to be believed! The film features a military training film, a 1970’s U of A student production of an action Kung-Fu film shot on the U of A Campus, circle jerks, anonymous businessmen, a motorized dildo machine, and modernist architecture! Never before screened on this dry coast, Price is one of the most brilliant underground film artists of our time.

WED Jan 6 @ 7:30 $5
Strange and Chaotic Places: New Video from Colombia!!

12443061_10156432244140074_89887984_n 12463547_10156432243950074_104544413_n

(curator in person)

Tonight we welcome Bogotá based artist & curator Carolina Fernandez Del Dago presenting a program of new experimental video from the country of Colombia. Many of these new works recently screened at the inaugural Lugares Extraños y Caóticos Festival and represent a cross section experimental practices and themes from an emerging media scene. In addition, Del Dago will be including a selection of historical cinematic works (from as far back as the 1960’s) that mark the genesis of alternative media in the country. Employing diverse forms and aesthetics, the selected works are critical and playful in their portraiture of absurdity; a specific embodiment of the Colombian cultural imagery. DJ Carl Hanni will open & close the show spinning Cumbia, Champeta and more from the vibrant musical landscape that is Colombia!