WED Dec 2 @ 7:30
The Cult of JT LeRoy

14 Jtillustrated_poster

Tucson Premiere!!


EV is proud to present the Tucson premiere of Marjorie Sturm’s new feature documentary about the scandalous writer JT LeRoy. JT LeRoy was a teen prostitute, addicted to heroin and infected with HIV, when a therapist encouraged him to write his life story. Buoyed by a cadre of celebrities, he published three critically acclaimed books, including Sarah and The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things. But as his fame skyrocketed, the shocking truth emerged: JT was not what he seemed. What followed was a downfall as bewildering as it was tragic. Drawn into LeRoy’s inner circle before the truth came to light, filmmaker Marjorie Sturm was misled like many others. Through intimate interviews with many close to the tarnished figure, Sturm attempts to untangle what really happened, and in the process explores how his deception called into question not only the value of LeRoy’s writing without his “authenticity”, but our culture’s complicity with the author’s seductive cult of personality.

WED Nov 25 @ 7:30
Video Art Salon with Lucy Raven (NYC)

LucyRaven pic sm

(Filmmaker in person)

Join us in welcoming back the esteemed film/Installation artist and Tucson native, Lucy Raven. We loved her deep thinking feature Chinatown screening in 2013 and wanted to catch up with what projects she is currently working on. Tonight’s program will consist of a selection of works/fragments from Raven and/or a curated selection of amazing experimental film and video art from the EV archive. We guarantee a unique viewing experience and an engaging conversation with Raven about art/aesthetics/process and what it means to be a media artist in this day and age! Don’t miss this one!!

SAT Nov 21 @ 7:30
Other Cinema (SF) Celebration

12 OtherCinemaResized     12 TRIBULATION-99 12 Tribulation06

After an epic run of over 30 years of experimental, agitprop and activist film & video, Other Cinema has just narrowly avoided being  given the gentrifying jack-boot from their storefront on Valencia Street in San Francisco’s Mission district (& miraculously signed a new 5 year lease!!) . Other Cinema is the passionate curatorial project of the genius found-footage essayist/provocateur filmmaker Craig Baldwin. With a sphere of creative influence that has extended across the world through his bricolage of DIY media forms and radical politics that have been the hallmark of OC’s amazing run of community-based media exhibition. Tonight at EV we will pay tribute to the internationally inspirational Other Cinema through the screening of Baldwin’s masterpiece Tribulation 99 and works by OC luminary such as Greta Snider, Vanessa Renwick, Gibbs Chapman, Kerry Laitala, Bryan Boyce & more. Plus we hope to bring our EV audience a live video feed direct from the last OC show happening simultaneously in SF!

WED Nov 18 @ 7:30
NIKA KAISER Dreamtime: An Uncanny Wilderness

11 kaiser

(Filmmaker in person)

Tonight’s program gathers a collection of works by the extraordinary Tucson video artist Nika Kaiser who has been busy sculpting the ethos of T-Town image/sound through her recent videos with Human Behavior, Gabriel Sullivan, Burning Palms & Prom Body. Come view a weaving together of Kaiser’s new works with a selection of artists films that link landscape, movement and technology to the supernatural human experience. Featuring Kaiser’s own films (including some Tucson premiers) + works by Innaritu and the LA Dance Project, video pioneer Joan Jonas and more!

WED 11/11 @ 7:30
Patrick McGuinn’s I, Scorpio

10 i scorpio

1970’s Gay Desert Eros!

(Filmmaker & actors in person)

I, Scorpio is a homo-erotic experimental narrative, set in the mid 1970’s, about a drug dealer who picks up a Mexican hitchhiker on a desert road in Arizona. Filmed and cast in Tucson, the dreamy, hypnotic I, Scorpio is the latest sun and sex-drenched film by writer-director Patrick McGuinn. Set in 1974, this film stars Coleman Kent, as Beau, the American who picks up Jesus, Christian Isaac Cruz; they drive off into the desert, do some drugs and later hole up in a motel to have sex. McGuinn uses this minimal premise as a means to explore a spiritual intersection of cinematic experimentation and the landscapes of desire. McGuinn will open the show with a selection of music and film shorts.

WED Nov 4 @ 7:30

09 Chocolate Babies - image


Outrageous AIDS Activism!

(Co-sponsored by “Dis-Orienting AIDS Discourse”, a symposium hosted by the UA Institute for LGBT Studies)

Stephen Winter’s audacious 1996 feature debut, “Chocolate Babies,” is a period satire about a bunch of HIV-positive Asian and black drag queens who decide to take matters in hand and fight the government’s apathy toward AIDS. Winter, a young African-American director, has constructed an outrageous tale, set in a harsh underworld populated by ethnic minority members infected with the virus. Aware of, but unwilling to accept passively their status as queer outcasts, the protagonists form a terrorist gang dedicated to the agenda of attacking conservative and homophobic politicians. Join us at Exploded view for a riotous & powerful evening celebrating a great time capsule of queer poetic terrorism!

WED Oct 28 @ 7:30
Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu the Vampyre


We at EV know that Herzog’s masterful vampire tale starring Klaus Kinski as the emulsion-faced undead parasite is the best vampire film ever! This homage to FW Murnau’s 1922 film is conceived and executed with passionate connoisseurship; Herzog keeps some original locations and images, and approximates the operatic visual language of Murnau with a new kind of primitivism: strange tableaux, eerie wordless scenes, and juxtaposed, grainy images of bats that directly reference silent moviemaking. Kinski carries it all off with glassy-eyed fervor and fathomless agony, as his Count prepares to carry his anti-enlightenment into the heart of 19th-century Germany. Kinski really is scary!

SAT 10/24 @ 5:30 & 7:30 PM
(10West Art Walk)

07 hard_to_be_a_god

Aleksei Guerman’s Hard to be a God (FREE )

The late Russian director Aleksei Guerman’s last film is a grandly arbitrary carnival of neo-medieval depravity. It’s also a mudpunk allegory of Russian barbarism and backwardness. The action of this sci-fi film is set on a planet parallel to earth that knew no Renaissance (let alone an Enlightenment) and keeps its inhabitants, with their modern-day consciousness and vernacular, trapped in the low-tech crudeness and amoral violence of the Middle Ages. Monstrous visions appear with an obsessive attention to detail; with a glistening black-and-white palette, the director smears the screen with mud, blood, and excrement! (Mature Content)

MON 10/19 @ 7:30
DVA (Czech Republic) + SHOODA SHOOK IT + surrealist animation

06 dva2 06 shooda_shook_it_tucson

An evening of art-pop music and darkly twisted visions, featuring Czech pop pranksters DVA, Tucson’s freaky fun disco-funksters Shooda Shook It, and uncanny animation. DVA an energetic two-piece duo specializing in a warped pop mishmash that incorporates outré instrumentation, plenty of studio effects, and lyrics culled from their own made-up language. DVA is also known for their animated music films and tonight we will screen some phantasmagorical classics of stop-motion animation from Jan Švankmajer and the Brothers Quay.

THU 10/15 @ 7:30
Iris Film Collective 16mm Film Tour

05 EOTW GENERIC poster

(Vancouver filmmaker Ryder Thomas White in person)

Engaging DIY aesthetics and politics, Iris Film Collective presents eight of their new hand-processed b&w 16mm films with a collective theme addressing “the end of the world”. Iris writes, “… the sea levels rise, the magnetic poles switch, we face the mortality of ourselves and those we love and question ideas of identity, representation and time itself.” This unique program pushes the technical limits of motion picture film, imagination and collaboration.

IFC is a Vancouver-based group of independent artists creating, exhibiting and touring film-based works with the goal of increasing the visibility and accessibility of experimental media art. Above all, our interest in ciné film—actual celluloid—at a time when this medium is shifting to a post-industry model, is of key interest in all our pursuits.

05 RyderFP1 05 Alex Orwo Oil BW