WED 8/31

01Douglas Katelus201schlappi01music_feature_chick_magnet

EV opens our 4th year of experimental film and music programming with a performance by San Francisco based Douglas Katelus who is touring with his films and a 1960’s Hammond A100 Organ and a Leslie speaker! He will be screening his 16mm film & slide piece Keep Film Dead along with his take on Pink Floyd’s “Atom Heart Mother”. Electric wizard Eric Schlappi will play live to PsycMAP’s music video of his epic Poseidonis. Local ambient trailblazer (& Chick Magnet founder!) LANO teams up with Gabriella Molina presenting delights of sound & light!!

SAT 5/7
Avant – AZ!!
Experimental Media from TUCSON

18 Avant AZ

Our Third annual showcase of experimental media from Tucson! Come see a burgeoning blowout of homespun excellence ranging from experimental animation to music videos to poetic meditations to multi-screen video performance. Featuring several premieres and including the work of: Gary Setzer, Eli Burke, Isamar Molina, Heather Gray, Adam Cooper-Terán, Cáit Ní Síomón, Andrew Shuta, Wylwyn Reyes, Hellen Gaudence, Andrew Brown, Dorota Zglobicka, Carolina Maki, Ringo Boomschlicka, Sam Angiulo, Bruce Caffrey, Gary Setzer, Igloo Martian, Jonathan Marquis, PsycMAP, James Grip, Karima Walker, Abril Castillo, Tiny Invisibility & more!

WED 4/27
Zbig Rybczyński : A Visionary Life of Images and Technology

17 zbig217 zbig4 17 zbig 

(Filmmaker, Zbig Rybczyński in person)

Zbig Rybczyński (pronounced Rib-CHIN-ski) is a pioneering video artist who has consistently realized visually stunning and technologically groundbreaking works of cinema over the last forty years. Rybczyński was born in Poland in 1949 and graduated from the Lodz Film School; he has worked as a film director in Europe and the United States, making acclaimed art films (Steps, Tango, KAFKA) and was an early innovator of music video (Art of Noise, Mick Jagger, Jimmy Cliff, Pet Shop Boys, Lou Reed).  Rybczyński recently relocated to a ranch near Tucson where he is building a new, high technology cinematography studio. This evening’s event will be will consist of a presentation of highlights of Rybczyński’s wide body of media production, a documentary on his advanced cinematic compositing studio that was recently built in Poland and a rare opportunity to participate in a conversation with the artist.

SAT 4/23
LA MERMA: Revolutionary Punk Rock from Nogales, Sonora

 16 Lam Merma tecate16 La Merma


Documentary film & La Merma LIVE!!

This show is a tribute to the passion & history of the venerable Sonoran (MX) punk rock band La Merma!! Opening the night is a screening of Tino Valera’s 2010 documentary La merma, 15 años de camino (The Decline 15 Years Down the Road ) which documents one of the most important punk rock bands on the northern border of Mexico and testifies to their history and outrageous journey of life in a city (Nogales, Sonora ) that “at times seems to vanish” . Three albums, numerous members and fifteen years down the road, this film is a window into the events that moved a generation hungry for identity. The second half of this evening features La Merma’s shouting out the truth and performing live and loud at EV!

WED 4/13
STARMAN: Dangerous Minds & Pantylines- Clif Taylor + Jess Holzworth

  15 Cashman15 holzworth

Probing into the deep psyche of music, fame and film this evening poses two exceptional in-person artist’s forays and genius spins on the infinite iterations of Rock & Roll. Jess Holzworth is a visual artist & video maker who employs her hyper-collage aesthetic to the making of stunning music videos for bands including Beck, Black Bananas, M.I.A., and Deep Valley. These and more of Holzworth’s videos will be screened tonight. Next, join meticulous historian Clif Taylor/Chick Cashman, dragged through the ashes of glam hell, in live discussion on the essence of rock and roll- a cosmological montage and performance manifesto, preaching + playing cosmic cowboy bullshit all while weaving a web between Cassavetes’ Killing of a Chinese Bookie, Bewitched and high heels ad infinitum!

WED 4/6
Revolution is Only a Beginning: the Zanzibar films of Pierre Clémenti

14 clementi2_blog 14 new-old-de-pierre-clementi-3

(Artist, Olivier Mosset in Person)

Between 1968 and 1970 under the banner of “Zanzibar Films” (a name taken from the Maoist island nation in East Africa), a decidedly informal collective of about a dozen artists, writers, pushed cinema beyond the current practice/aesthetics of French New Wave cinema. The Zanzibar films were marked by minimal scripts, the use of non-actors and improvisation, and strong ties to both the art world and the world of fashion. Pierre Clémenti’s La Revolution N’est Qu’un Debut: Continuous (The Revolution is only a Beginning: Let’s Continue) records the tumultuous period leading up to May 1968 and its aftermath. Clémenti’s psychedelic visual style uses filters and superimposed images to create a manifesto for “permanent revolution,” “spontaneous creation,” and “poetry in the streets.” New Old was a radically collaged filmic diary of Clémenti’s life and professional acting for leading European directors of the time including Buñuel, Bertolucci, Pasolini, and Visconti. This evening will feature a conversation with artist and original Zanzibar collective member Olivier Mosset on both Clémenti’s and Zanzibar’s legacy.

WED 3/30
The Delicate Prey: The Life and Work of Paul Bowles

12 Paul-Bowles6

EV associate programmer, Carl Hanni presents an evening dedicated to the remarkable work of the expatriate writer, composer, ethnomusicologist and reluctant counter culture figure Paul Bowles. Bowles spent several decades living in Tangier, Morocco, while writing such now famous novels like “The Sheltering Sky” and “The Spider’s House,” while also hosting William S. Burroughs and other notorious literary outlaw figures. The evening will include a talk on his life and work, selections of music he recorded in Morocco, brief readings by Billy Sedlmayr  & John Melillo and accompanied by a screening of a fascinating documentary on Bowles.

WED 3/23
Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain w/ live music by Jeff Lownsbury & Connor Gallaher

11 HM

Just in time for un-Easter, EV presents Alejandro Jodorowsky’s phenomenal filmic tale of occult psychedelic wonders! A scandal when first released in 1973, The Holy Mountain is a dazzling visual feast of ritual and symbol, an often sublime and grotesque satire on consumerism, militarism and the exploitation of third world cultures by the West.  Augmenting the film’s original Don Cherry soundtrack this film with be re-scored live with improvisational sonic interventions from Tucson sound wizards Jeff Lownsbury & Connor Gallaher (both of The Night Collectors). Come blow your mind and raise your eyes/ears/soul to the heavens!!

WED 3/16
IMMIGRANT INVERSIONS: Lynne Sachs’ Your Day is My Night

Your_Day_My_Night_Sheet_Shadow_performance_LSachsLynne-Sachs1 (1)

(Filmmaker, Lynne Sachs in person)

Through twenty-five years of ever-active filmmaking, Brooklyn-based Lynne Sachs has developed a unique, personally expressive body of speculative documentary that is rich with empathy, placing the intimate experiences of individuals and families in the context of world events and global history. Her recent Your Day Is My Night portrays the lives of immigrants living in “shift-bed” apartments in the heart of New York City’s Chinatown, homes that are shared by multiple families and which form tightly interconnected multi-generational communities. Working in close collaboration with a group of Chinatown residents for one-and-a-half years, varied interviews and conversations gave way to an improvisatory film script resulting in a deeply moving film in which these non-actors portray themselves in intimately re-created performances of domestic life.