{EXTREME SOUTHERN CULTURE part 3} The Dancing Outlaw

WED. 3/26  @ 7:30

*Carl’s Cine Club

Originally screened in 1991 on West Virginia Public TV, director Jacob Young profiles the troubled but always entertaining mountain dancer Jesco White. White’s father was a famous mountain dancer; his son is equally obsessed with Elvis Presley and combining clog and backwoods tap dancing, always with an eye towards the camera. A great look at end of the century Appalachia; Dancing Outlaw turns the camera on an American original and lets him do his thing.


SAT 3/22
COLLABORATION WITH NATURE: Films Made with Natural Processes

SAT. 3/22 @ 7:30

Julie Perini & Amy Harwood in person!

Direct filmmaking meets environmental action in a program of films using organic and inorganic material to alter the film surface. Co-presented by Signal Fire, an organization engaging artists in our remaining wild and open spaces, this collection shows a range of effects used to intervene on the actual film exposure and processing: decay, spore hosting, compost, exposure to bioluminescent plants, processing in polluted lakes, magnetic alteration, and more.  The program includes work by Dorothea Braemer & Brian Milbrand, Dagie Brundert, Caryn Cline, Devon Damonte, Lori Felker, Melissa Friedling, Eva Kolcze, Robbie Land, Christine Lucy Latimer, Julie Perini, Jeremy Rendina and Ken Paul Rosenthal.

12Fruit Flies_Christine Lucy Latimer_film still_2

WED 3/12
Su Friedrich’s Gut Renovation


WED. 3/12 @ 7:30

In 1989, together with a group of female friends, Su Friedrich rented and renovated an old loft in Williamsburg, an unassuming working-class district of Brooklyn. In 2005 this former industrial zone was designated a residential area and the factories, manufacturers and artists’ lofts were priced out by property speculators lured by tax breaks. Gut Renovation as a documentary of small changes evolves into an historical record of New York. The resulting film is a melancholy, essayistic requiem for a neighborhood and an entire way of life; it also provides a case study of the rapid gentrification of our cities. 11Gut_Reno_Artists_CU70211Blog_SF_2

WED 3/5
Georgiou + Marker: TIME TRAVEL !!


WED. 3/5 @ 7:30

Artist in person!

Nick Georgiou’s 6A is an experimental time-lapse video project. Mid-process, 6A tells the story of a paper sculptor and his relationship to the cities he works in (Tucson/NYC). His sculptures are products of their environment. Whether a piece eventually takes the form of a human, still life, or animal depends on how he experiences a particular location. The film explores technological themes along with documenting the ever-changing natural landscape.

REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS TO COME is one of the last works by master film essayist Chris Marker (1921 – 2012). Ostensibly a portrait of photographer Denise Bellon, Rememberance, it focuses on the two decades between 1935 and 1955. The film leaps and backtracks, Marker-style, from subject to subject, to a wide-ranging history of the postwar politics and culture of Surrealism, Paris, French Cinema, and World War II.


Sat 3/1
Recent Film & Video from Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles


SAT. 3/1 @ 730

Filmmaker / Curator Rick Bahto in person!

Drawing on works made by artists-in-residence and students at our sister microcinema, the Echo Park Film Center, this program is based around the intersection of film and music in Los Angeles, from pop to experimental, noise to hip hop. These works, projected in 8mm, Super 8, 16mm and video, offer a unique insight into an alternative film culture being cultivated by the community and passionate engagement of this LA grassroots organization. Includes Eve La Fountain’s 16mm. trilogy Smudge Series and Sharmaine Stark’s Imma Hustle Girl, a film about women in the underground West Coast Hip-Hop scene.


Wed 2/26
Mule Skinner Blues

WED. 2/26 @ 7:30


*Carl’s Cine Club

Director Stephen Earnhart filmed the denizens of a trailer park in Florida for this outlandish documentary from 2001. In Mule Skinner Blues, description defying weirdness unfolds as the locals are slowly revealed to be in a deep fried, static limbo while sort-of pursuing their dreams as musicians, filmmakers and writers. The film takes surreal twists and turns in mind-bending, unexpected directions.


Wed 2/19
Adam Cooper-Terán & Steven Leyba’s PAINing POORtraits

WED. 2/19 @ 7:30

Filmmaker in person!

Painter, trickster, social critic, and controversial public performance artist, The Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba is a folk hero, loved and hated by many. Adam Cooper-Terán’s PAINing POORtraits follows Leyba as he reclaims and re-invents his work, giving friends and muses alike the opportunity to destroy his paintings. In his examination of destruction, transformation, reclamation, and rebirth, Leyba takes on various enemies, from ex-lovers to the Monsanto Corporation, even himself as the hero and fool.

5paining poortraits

Friday 2/14 Valentine’s!
UNATTAINABLE: from the collection of Eric Kroll

With live JAZZ film accompaniment by Thy Odd Birds!!

FRI 2/14 @ 7:30 *Opening with film show & live music

Gallery show only continues SAT & SUN 12-5

World-renowned photographer/book editor Eric Kroll presents the fantastically obsessive 1960’s NYC photo archive of “Arthur”, who incessantly made and collected 8mm films and photos of women with long HAIR! Come see EV transformed into a floor to ceiling salon of Arthur’s incredible photographs and collages! Writes Kroll, “Proof of Arthur’s intense obsession for women’s hair is in the hours of 8mm Kodachrome home movies he made of unsuspecting young women milling about Washington Square Park and the beach at Coney Island. Or the hours and hours he spent cutting up and preserving newspaper, magazine and comic images of damsels with long hair or his extensive collection of rare 1950s “Stan’s Photos” of women with hair down to the ground!”


Wed 2/12
Searching For the Wrong Eyed Jesus

WED. 2/12 @7:30

The first of a 4 part documentary series {EXTREME SOUTHERN CULTURE}

curated by Carl Hanni (*Carl’s Cine Club)

Searching For the Wrong Eyed Jesus, Andrew Douglas’ deeply evocative 2003 film follows the idiosyncratic Americana musician Jim White (who records for David Byrne’s Luaka Bop label) on a fantastical journey through the American south. White muses on religion and culture and plays some music while making memorable stops in a Pentecostal church, a prison, a coalmine, local bars, cafes and much more. White’s on-screen pals include Harry Crews, The Handsome Family, Johnny Dowd and David Eugene Edwards.

3wrong eyed

Sat 2/8
ROBERT FRANK’S Me and My Brother

SAT. 2/8 @ 7:30

 The first feature film by acclaimed photographer, Robert Frank is a portrait of the relationship between poet, Peter Orlovsky and his brother Julius, a catatonic schizophrenic. Orlovsky and mentor/lover Alan Ginsburg take Julius around the late 60’s counter-cultural scene until one day, a disappearance happens that alters the course of the film. This fascinating film-within-a-film (featuring a young Christopher Walken in the role of the director) blends fiction and reality to create a disorienting trip in which the idea of documentary truth is called into question.2meandmybrother