THE LIVES OF COPPER: China Town by Lucy Raven

Artist Lucy Raven in person!

Over 7,000 photographs edited together create this experimental video that documents the global production of copper. Media artist, Lucy Raven’s journey begins in the open-pit copper mines of eastern Nevada. From there, she follows the raw material all the way to China, where it is processed, refined, and ultimately made into electrical wire. The seemingly simple story of copper is complicated by the economics of globalization, natural resource conservation, and nationalism.

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SAT 3/22
COLLABORATION WITH NATURE: Films Made with Natural Processes

SAT. 3/22 @ 7:30

Julie Perini & Amy Harwood in person!

Direct filmmaking meets environmental action in a program of films using organic and inorganic material to alter the film surface. Co-presented by Signal Fire, an organization engaging artists in our remaining wild and open spaces, this collection shows a range of effects used to intervene on the actual film exposure and processing: decay, spore hosting, compost, exposure to bioluminescent plants, processing in polluted lakes, magnetic alteration, and more.  The program includes work by Dorothea Braemer & Brian Milbrand, Dagie Brundert, Caryn Cline, Devon Damonte, Lori Felker, Melissa Friedling, Eva Kolcze, Robbie Land, Christine Lucy Latimer, Julie Perini, Jeremy Rendina and Ken Paul Rosenthal.

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Wed 11/20

WED. 11/20 Artists  Eisele & Johnson in person
EV presents the premiere of Kimi Eisele and Ben Johnson’s Rosemont Ours: a Field Guide , a dance film celebrating the plant and animal species that inhabit or migrate through the northern Santa Rita Mountains and are being endangered by the proposed open pit Rosemont Mine. Also, classic artist made dance films by Maya Deren, Norman Mclaren, Yvonne Rainer and Hilary Harris.