WED 3/5
Georgiou + Marker: TIME TRAVEL !!


WED. 3/5 @ 7:30

Artist in person!

Nick Georgiou’s 6A is an experimental time-lapse video project. Mid-process, 6A tells the story of a paper sculptor and his relationship to the cities he works in (Tucson/NYC). His sculptures are products of their environment. Whether a piece eventually takes the form of a human, still life, or animal depends on how he experiences a particular location. The film explores technological themes along with documenting the ever-changing natural landscape.

REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS TO COME is one of the last works by master film essayist Chris Marker (1921 – 2012). Ostensibly a portrait of photographer Denise Bellon, Rememberance, it focuses on the two decades between 1935 and 1955. The film leaps and backtracks, Marker-style, from subject to subject, to a wide-ranging history of the postwar politics and culture of Surrealism, Paris, French Cinema, and World War II.


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