SAT 3/22
COLLABORATION WITH NATURE: Films Made with Natural Processes

SAT. 3/22 @ 7:30

Julie Perini & Amy Harwood in person!

Direct filmmaking meets environmental action in a program of films using organic and inorganic material to alter the film surface. Co-presented by Signal Fire, an organization engaging artists in our remaining wild and open spaces, this collection shows a range of effects used to intervene on the actual film exposure and processing: decay, spore hosting, compost, exposure to bioluminescent plants, processing in polluted lakes, magnetic alteration, and more.  The program includes work by Dorothea Braemer & Brian Milbrand, Dagie Brundert, Caryn Cline, Devon Damonte, Lori Felker, Melissa Friedling, Eva Kolcze, Robbie Land, Christine Lucy Latimer, Julie Perini, Jeremy Rendina and Ken Paul Rosenthal.

12Fruit Flies_Christine Lucy Latimer_film still_2