WED 4/6
Revolution is Only a Beginning: the Zanzibar films of Pierre Clémenti

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(Artist, Olivier Mosset in Person)

Between 1968 and 1970 under the banner of “Zanzibar Films” (a name taken from the Maoist island nation in East Africa), a decidedly informal collective of about a dozen artists, writers, pushed cinema beyond the current practice/aesthetics of French New Wave cinema. The Zanzibar films were marked by minimal scripts, the use of non-actors and improvisation, and strong ties to both the art world and the world of fashion. Pierre Clémenti’s La Revolution N’est Qu’un Debut: Continuous (The Revolution is only a Beginning: Let’s Continue) records the tumultuous period leading up to May 1968 and its aftermath. Clémenti’s psychedelic visual style uses filters and superimposed images to create a manifesto for “permanent revolution,” “spontaneous creation,” and “poetry in the streets.” New Old was a radically collaged filmic diary of Clémenti’s life and professional acting for leading European directors of the time including Buñuel, Bertolucci, Pasolini, and Visconti. This evening will feature a conversation with artist and original Zanzibar collective member Olivier Mosset on both Clémenti’s and Zanzibar’s legacy.

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