FRI 6/30
The Cockettes & Jocko farewell !!



In conjunction with MOCA Tucson’s exhibition:

EV presents The Cockettes “A flamboyant piece of hippie history gets its due in Bill_Weber and David_Weissman’s loving look at the San Francisco drugs-and-drag theatre troupe. The filmmakers capture the spirit of life in a late-sixties commune as well as the Cockettes’ hallucinogenic romps—performances foisted on audiences who were in the mood for wigged-out frivolity. With its archival footage and hilariously frank interviews, the movie makes for a ragtag portrait of a cultural moment when free expression reigned supreme.”
— Bruce Diones, The New Yorker

Join us tonight as we bid a fond farewell to MOCA’s Jocko Weyland as he concludes his run of cultural innovation here in Tucson and heads off to new adventure!. A special bonus screening of one of Jocko’s subcultural faves  “Red and Rosy” will happen too!


1333 N. 4th Ave @ Drachman St (enter through driveway on Drachman St.)

 SAT 4/29
  Andy Warhol’s 8 hour EMPIRE !!
Projected IN 16mm film!!!



Co-presented by Olivier Mosset ($10) 7pm- 3am


“The best, most temporal way of making a building that I ever heard of is by making it with light. The Fascists did a lot of this “light architecture.”  If you build buildings with lights outside, you can make them indefinite, and then when you’re through using them

you shut the lights off and they disappear.”

-Andy Warhol (1975)


A feast for all senses, EV invites you to our polyphonic living installation of film, music and multiple multi-channeled mayhem. The Exploded View gallery will be transformed into giant mirrored chamber within which will be projected Andy Warhol’s 1964 silent 8 hour/10 reel film masterpiece EMPIRE. The back of the Toole Shed warehouse will be transformed into a  lounge FACTORY with couches, carpets,  and trippy visuals. This come-and-go event is a first time fundraiser for Exploded View!!

WED 4/26  
Romance, Apocalypse and Moon Landings: Kate McCabe + Gabriella Molina


(filmmakers in person)

Kate McCabe will be showcasing a decade’s worth of her moving image work combining humor in experimental film and premiering her latest 16mm work, You and I Remain. A film inspired by the Anthropocene, You and I Remain is an apocalyptic lullaby, a landscape film mediating on the end of the world. Shot in Big Sur, the Salton Sea and in McCabe’s own neighborhood of Joshua Tree, the film shows us a portrait of the world askew with subtle and moving sound design by Jason Payne of Nitzer Ebb. Local fave, Gabriella Molina begins the evening with a selection of her recent fantastical cut-out animations and light experiments!

2_W. Creigh_Of Rocks and Bullets (still)

SAT 4/22 Peripheries: Groundbreaking Border Video Works

(Artists  in person)

A night of video and new media works examining the intersections between community and international borders through audio, video, animation, and virtual reality.

“Peripheries” features a group of five artists and journalists from diverse backgrounds, including works by Jason Aragón, Wesley Creigh, Conor Elliott Fitzgerald, Jennifer Hijazi, and Khaled Jarrar. All participating artists will be in attendance.

Admission to the exhibition is free but donations will be accepted to support the work of Mariposas Sin Fronteras, a Tucson-based organization that provides legal counsel and support to LGBTQ immigrant detainees.

WED 4/12
Patrick McGuinn’s Desert Rock Opera Valpurnis:SATurAN and live POP music!


(Patrick McGuinn in person)
Valpurnis: SatURan (2017, 60 min. Color) Bellowing from the mind of creator Christ Opherstein, this surreal Desert Rock Opera (filmed in Tucson) hurls its politics and religion in your face along with the acid anger of those disenfranchised by society. Judas has sold Jesus to the Romans, and during the Last Supper, reflections of identity, guilt, entitlement and outrage, Judas’ ten songs take the audience hostage for a bumpy, blindfolded ride in the back of an open jeep. Gentle Jesus in various manifestations counters the rage with somber songs of resignation. Opening the filmed Opus is a pre-movie live 30 minute set of distinctly different pop songs, amounting to a highly unusual night of music assault. Brace yourself for the blood of Christ! Afterwards, join cast, crew & director for a Q&A

WED 4/5


A mashup night of harsh noise and primitive 8 bit (utopian) video games! Hacking into the evening is Tucson’s twisted techno treasure Matt Rios navigating hardware game glitches. The feature act is an epic re-appropriation of 1984’s Kings Quest videogame through the sonic noise of Eric Schlappi, Anthony Sanchez, David Sherman and the all-consuming noise progenitor magus NOT BREATHING (David Wright) and visuals by Falcotronik!!

WED 3/29


maxresdefault (1)


Top off the month with this hard-hitting independent film about three young Navajos striving to escape hardship on the reservation: a young man whose life is entwined in gang violence, a young woman who was adopted by a white family as a child, and a two-spirit sex worker struggling to survive in a transphobic world. Director Sydney Freeland, herself a Navajo trans woman on the rise in Hollywood (see her beautiful 2016 web series Her Story), will be there in person for a Q&A.

WED 3/22  
Doris Wishman’s Double Agent 73



A beautiful American spy (played by the fabulous Chesty Morgan) can murder men by smothering them with her enormous breasts. This trashy 70s sexploitation film, directed by the legendary Doris Wishman, is a feminist cult classic. Enjoy Wishman’s bizarre experimental cinematography, far-out plot twists and wild 1970’s camp! With special opening performance by local queer trans* lesbian woman of color stripperformance artist Rambo Reza!

WED 3/8  
The Watermelon Woman (Cheryl Dunye, 1996)


(GIRL CRUSH SERIES is co-presented with The U of A’s School of Theatre, Film and Television; Women’s Resource Center; Student Affairs; Institute for LGBT Studies; Gender & Women Studies; Hanson Film Institute)

Start Women’s History Month off right by joining us for Cheryl Dunye’s brilliant and self-reflexive speculative documentary about her quest to find queer black women’s film history – it’s also, amazingly, the first Black-woman-directed film ever to receive a wide theatrical release.

WED 2/15
 DOUBLE INVOCATION OF SODOM!!  Pasolini’s  Salo, 120 Days in Sodom w/ live sound by Jasper Avery + Luther Price’s Sodom

03 Price-Sodom2-1024x576 03 salo-was-the-film-that-truly-shocked-me-789-body-image-1418139946 03 salo-was-the-film-that-truly-shocked-me-789-body-image-141813989803Jasper

It’s been called nauseating, shocking, depraved, pornographic . . . it’s also a masterpiece! Tucson electronic muse Sunfucked accompanies the Pier Paolo Pasolini’s final film, Salò. Set in 1944 Fascist Italy, this transposition of the Marquis de Sade’s eighteenth-century opus of torture and degradation in 1944’s fascist Italy remains one of the most passionately debated films of all time, a thought-provoking inquiry into the political, social, and sexual dynamics that define the world we live in. Opening the show is Luther Price’s 15 minute Super-8 masterpiece Sodom (1989), a brutal assemblage of gay porn footage, dumpster dived from behind buildings in Boston’s Combat Zone. Not only does Price mash up scenes of hardcore sex with footage from biblical films and shots of flames, he also punches holes in the film strip, taping shots of heads or penises back into them and drawing more attention to the surface, the materiality of the film itself. As film critic J. Hoberman put it succinctlySodom “could be the illumination of Jerry Falwell’s unconscious.”