Friday 9/21
Thollem’s Electric Confluence//Weyant//Sanchez// Trejo

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Thollem / electric amalgam of PsychPunk, WorldBlues, NoiseLounge Post-Americana  + Glenn Weyant / Tucson-based jongleur + Anthony & Danielle Sanchez / analog synths & organic samples  + Chelsey Lee Trejo / experimental ambient folk-blues with a drone undertone = a quality brew of revolutionary entertainment 

Thollem’s Electric Confluence is a series of compositions for solo synthesizer integrating the multitudinous sonic experiences from Thollem’s life-long travels throughout the U.S., his curiosity and appreciation of diverse cultures and musical approaches. His compositions combine elements from disparate musics such as Gamelan, Taiko Drumming, Appalachian Folk Music, Baroque, Electro-Acoustic music, Noise, Blues, Tango, Salsa, Persian Music and more. “His compositions are a wonder, transforming the keys into a texturally staggering ensemble.” – Detroit Metro Times

Glenn Weyant is a Tucson-based jongleur. His work has been featured in global media but don’t take their word for it, come listen for yourself.vFor his last performance in Arizona, Glenn will premier a new  composition — zugunruhe synanthrope — played in a Mauerkrankheit-style upon electric guitar and electronics. More about Glenn can be found at, all over the internet, and at the ever awesome Electric Fetus.

Anthony Sanchez & Danielle Sanchez
Using modular analog synthesis and field recordings Anthony & Danielle Sanchez’ music, “…mimics the lazy and hazy desert days and nights by mixing organic samples of birds and civil rights speeches with ethereal soul samples and watery, chanted vocals. Flicks of drum noise fly around the sonic field and an electric pulse slowly builds from background to forefront.  Samples swirl through circular patterns before the beat collapses in on itself and turns into mixture of bipolar organic and electronic elements.”
Chelsey Lee Trejo
Experimental ambient folk-blues with a drone undertone.