THU 11/12 @ 7:30
(Celebration of the Life & Music of Rainer Ptacek)


$7-$10 (Bring a candle for our light shrine tonight!)

Curated by Howe Gelb & Benefiting the Lily Ptacek College Fund
Gelb writes: “it was November 12 1997 when Rainer went on beyond .. this year on that date we will gather to spend a moment in collective ponder and celebrate the man in splendid cluster.

there will be a variety of short clips of filmed performances as well as a live song or two provided by Howe Gelb, Billy Sedlmayr, Van Christian, Tom Walbank, Brian Lopez, Gabriel Sullivan and Roman Barten-Sherman

come join us in lighting a candle and sharing a smile.”

Audience members are encouraged to bring candles for the show.

This will be an intimate seating limited show.

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