Friday 11/15
“Sound-Worlds” new works by Christopher Jette


“Sound-Worlds,” a presentation of two new works by Christopher Jette.

Twyping (C. Jette)

Twyping is an electronic composition that sonifies a stream of tweets, creating a sound-world based on the performative act of typing.

v->t->d (C. Jette and K. Thomas)

v->t->d is a two part composition for saxophone/laptop (part 1) and saxophone/guitar/drums (part 2). The two halves of the piece use the same material in order to create different sound-worlds. Kelland Thomas, saxophone; Angus Forbes, drums; Matt Mitchell, guitar. The piece will also feature live video processing by Javier Villegas and Angus Forbes.

Christopher Jette is a composer and new media artist living in the SF Bay Area. His compositions, both electronic and acoustic, investigate the intersection of humanity and modern technology. More information about his work can be found at



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