Friday 7/12
GLITTER VOMIT & Basement Films + Karima Walker!!

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Originating from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Glitter Vomit is a solo music project of Jazmyn Crosby with current collaborators Tom Foe and Beth Hansen. Glitter Vomit is music about miscommunication and the tools that make it happen. Glitter vomit sounds like static—it sounds like long slow thoughts, vulnerable sparse and layered guitar, cell phone, radio, and vocals in an echo chamber. It is music that you might hear in a basement after the apocalypse, with projections flickering like television light, mourning the loss of communication in the digital age.

Tuesday 5/21
Amazonia: ROGER BEEBE’s New Multi-Projector 16mm Films




Ohio based filmmaker Roger Beebe is renowned for his exquisitely syncopated 16mm multi-projector performances. The works in Beebe’s Exploded View performance represent both ends of the analogue/digital spectrum (from crafted noise to visual investigations). This evening will include:
“Lineage (for Norman McLaren)”: a 4-projector 16mm (mostly) abstract, optical-sound performance:, “Amazonia”: a “desktop cinema” essay on the ways that the virtual economy is transforming physical space and labor, plus and a sprawling meditation on natural beauty that includes Werner Herzog, a bunch of McDonald’s trash, and California’s current superbloom, “de rerum natura.”

Saturday Jan 12 @ 8pm



A psychedelic film / lecture / slideshow that attempts to tell the entire history of recorded music (In America) in just 90 minutes. It features great unseen film clips from the Mississippi Records archives.  Presented by Mississippi Records founder, Eric Isaacson. From recordings of the first star in the universe being born all the way to the dark ages of the 1980’s, many stories will be told.


Great short music clips spanning the globe.  Some beautiful Cambodian music, Kenyan acoustic guitar music and even the great Digital Jesus.


Before and after the show, DJ Golden Wilson (Olvido Records, Chicago) will set the mood with music from all over the place.


Sunday Nov 18 @7pm
Elisabeth Subrin’s Shulie

Shulie 2

Presented by the Jewish History Museum

Come watch Elisabeth Subrin’s Shulie (1997), which remade a 1967 documentary about the art student turned feminist visionary, writer and painter, Shulamith Firestone, who wrote the 1970 manifesto, The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution.

The film screening (37 minutes) will be followed by a panel discussion with Sandra K. Soto, Ariel Goldberg, and Liz Kinnamon. Co-sponsored by the Jewish History Museum, Gender & Women Studies, and Exploded View Micro Cinema.

Free & Open to the Public

Friday 9/21
Thollem’s Electric Confluence//Weyant//Sanchez// Trejo

 09_21-Tucson-Thollem's Electric Confluence©ACVillaSMLa Frontera: Artists Along The Us Mexican Border Chelsey_Lee_Trejo2


Thollem / electric amalgam of PsychPunk, WorldBlues, NoiseLounge Post-Americana  + Glenn Weyant / Tucson-based jongleur + Anthony & Danielle Sanchez / analog synths & organic samples  + Chelsey Lee Trejo / experimental ambient folk-blues with a drone undertone = a quality brew of revolutionary entertainment 

Thollem’s Electric Confluence is a series of compositions for solo synthesizer integrating the multitudinous sonic experiences from Thollem’s life-long travels throughout the U.S., his curiosity and appreciation of diverse cultures and musical approaches. His compositions combine elements from disparate musics such as Gamelan, Taiko Drumming, Appalachian Folk Music, Baroque, Electro-Acoustic music, Noise, Blues, Tango, Salsa, Persian Music and more. “His compositions are a wonder, transforming the keys into a texturally staggering ensemble.” – Detroit Metro Times

Glenn Weyant is a Tucson-based jongleur. His work has been featured in global media but don’t take their word for it, come listen for yourself.vFor his last performance in Arizona, Glenn will premier a new  composition — zugunruhe synanthrope — played in a Mauerkrankheit-style upon electric guitar and electronics. More about Glenn can be found at, all over the internet, and at the ever awesome Electric Fetus.

Anthony Sanchez & Danielle Sanchez
Using modular analog synthesis and field recordings Anthony & Danielle Sanchez’ music, “…mimics the lazy and hazy desert days and nights by mixing organic samples of birds and civil rights speeches with ethereal soul samples and watery, chanted vocals. Flicks of drum noise fly around the sonic field and an electric pulse slowly builds from background to forefront.  Samples swirl through circular patterns before the beat collapses in on itself and turns into mixture of bipolar organic and electronic elements.”
Chelsey Lee Trejo
Experimental ambient folk-blues with a drone undertone.

sound installation
Thursday 4/26, 12-7pm


Saxorcism is a 4-channel reactive sound installation by Tucson-based artist Jim Colby. Every sound the audience experiences originates from a recording of a saxophone. The installation resides at the tangled nodes of composition, sculpture, collective improvisation, and synthetic field recordings.

The showing will conclude with an electronic music performance by Jim Colby of compositions made with saxophone samples, alongside performances by John Niekrasz, Patrick Cain, and Born2Death as part of the Tucson Noise Symposium. More information about the performance here:

Saxorcism has been made possible by a 2017 Research and Development Grant from the Arizona Commission of the Arts.

When a sound is cast out from it’s physical origin, what does it become?


Thursday 4/26
Tucson Noise Symposium
Jim Colby, John Niekrasz, Born2Death, Pat Cain


Tucson-based sound artist Jim Colby will be debuting Saxorcism, a sound installation/composition/performance created entirely from digitally mangled audio of the beguiling reed instrument known as the saxophone. The installation component will be on view inside Exploded View from noon until the start of the evening’s musical performances.

massive empathic improvisations by John Niekrasz (percussion)!

withering noise bliss from Born2Death!

synthetic beat genius from Pat Cain!

7 doors, 7.30 music, $6 FUN

Vanessa Renwick: NSEW FILM TOUR!!

trojan implosion small Vanessa and Fox road tripping schonberg paris v NSEW tour flier (1)

Exploded View is super excited to host the fantastic Vanessa Renwick in Tucson !!

Vanessa Renwick has been a singular voice in the experimental cinema for over 20 years. Eschewing an allegiance to any one medium or form, Renwick builds authentic moving image works revealing an insatiable curiosity and unflinching engagement with the world around her. Often focusing her lens on themes of westward expansion and the locales of her adopted home, the Pacific Northwest, Renwick uses avant-garde formal elements to explore radical politics and environmental issues.

A selection of 13 shorts. These short, personal constructions demonstrate a wide range of formal approaches and subjects that include wildness, hitchhiking, death, nuclear power, gentrification and migration. Renwick’s films share a restless spirit, an interest in outlaw art-making, and an unflagging sense of wanderlust. Without fail, the work is intense, hard to pin down and even harder to forget.

“Vanessa Renwick’s films reveal the hidden stories and secret lives that define our great national weirdness, imbued with the radical curiosity and vision of a true pioneer.” –Todd Haynes

WED 3/14

Desert Maskexp3

Join us tonight for premieres of experimental works of analogue and digital cinema exploring Southwestern terrains. ENCODED / EXPLODED (2018) Is a new video work that triangulates sites of mythic power centers in the Sonoran/Tucson basin and traces visionary intersections of the cultural/technological and natural Sonoran landscape. Also screening is the psycho-dynamic 9/11 warfare of The Graceless and agitprop documentation from Psycmap Collective’s D19 Festival of Lights intervention. Opening the show is an expanded 16mm projector performance of Sherman’s homage to AZ’s letter mountains: The Silver Returns with live improvised guitar accompaniment by Roman Barten-Sherman.