Wednesday 2/ 28
Noise nght: Nktn / Wthrs / Bd / n Dz Scc / Mdlr Blgq / lg tntcls





A night of improvisation, loops, noise, noise-music, sounds, and more. This is the first pre-symposium symposium show for the upcoming Tucson Noise Symposium (last week of April, 2018).

We have performers traveling through and performers performing in Tucson for the first time! ! ! This will rule! !

Tatsuya Nakatani (New Mexico) – percussive improvisational unhingedness
Andrew Weaters (West Texas) – guitars whirling around, voice in the vortex
CJ Boyd (permanent tour) – bass. loops. magic.
Ana Diaz Sacco – songs, keyboards, thrash [first Tucson show!]
Modular Biologique – synthesis : analysis :: construction : destruction [first Tucson show!]
Algae & Tentacles – what it sounds like

Sunday 2/11
Transforming Agave premier with special musical guests!



Exploded View presents the premier of local filmmaker Bryan Nelson’s short film Transforming Agave on Sunday February 11. The film runs 6 1/2 minutes long; the filmmaker Bryan, it’s subject Kyle Bert, and soundtrack composer Ryan Chavira will all be on hand to play music and talk about the film, as well as locals Blue Stained Stems. It was all filmed in the Tucson area, and is a 100% local production.

Synopsis: local musician and crafter Kyle Bert finds serenity and self-acceptance while crafting unique didgeridoos out of agave flowers that he harvests in southern Arizona.

Director’s statement:Transforming Agave is a film about more than just the art of crafting an idiosyncratic musical instrument. It’s about how the interwoven elements that go into making art are what imbue it with meaning. Kyle’s agave didgeridoos are embedded to place, to community, and to his own psychological well being in a way that reminds us of the value of deep contextual connection.

The music: Kyle Bert and Ryan Chavira infuse the natural rhythms and harmonics of an ancient world inspired by the didgeridoo (Kyle), along with the Sci-fi soundscapes of analog synthesis (Ryan), oscillating meditative patterns into a cohesive singularity best described as otherworldly.

Blue Stained Stems (incarnation 2) feeds off an interplay between Brazilian drummer Mario Iochpe and local Tucsonian Michael Henderson to arrive at ever-expanding sonic crossroads that mix samba, afrobeat, jazz, maqam, punk and rock n’ roll into a free form trance. With a playful aversion to order, yet a mindful adherence to a much necessary flow state, the band strives to perform an incrementally changing repertoire. From an immersive musical dialogue, Blue Stained Stems finds shape through guitars, oud, bassoud, and a 4-piece drum

Thursday 1/18
Jon Jost & Ralph White: American Transcendence!

A night of transcendental American experimentalism in music and film! Ev fave Ralph White (from Austin’s BAD LIVERS on banjo/fiddle/guitar/voice) will start the evening with his sonic visions! The second bill of the evening will be a rare screening of experimental works by the renowned maverick independent filmmaker Jon Jost! Jon will be in-person and presenting a selections of his visual essays and abstract videos that focus on landscape, character and “what it means to be alive”.
Come support his last American cine tour!!

Sat 10/21
Paul Metzger / John Saint Pelvyn / SKINCAGE / & filmmaker Steven Matheson! John copy
• Paul Metzger
A virtuoso on a 23 string banjo he built himself, Metzger’s Idiosyncratic & deeply original long form improvisations at times bring to mind American primitive guitar, the sarod of Hindustani music, or the Chinese Erhu. But refracted through his singular musical mind he creates a sonic universe all his own. Metzger’s “home made” aesthetic puts him alongside DIY mavericks like Eugene Chadbourne and his electric rake, and Charlie Nothing and his dingulators, but Metzger also posses a penchant to extract every possible sound out of an instrument that is reminiscent of the exhaustive instrumental explorations of Derek Baily. His many releases over the years have garnered high praise and helped establish him as a central voice in the world of Avant-Garde & Experimental Folk. Metzger creates a unique music evocative of some magical forgotten age, but simultaneously one deeply rooted in the eternal present when fingers touch strings.“…Metzger’s banjo and guitar contain multitudes. Suspended between past and future, honouring the tradition while hijacking it, listening for its voice while revelling in its inarticulacies; this is how the thing sings. And the song, in the obsessive extensions of Metzger’s instruments, truly has no ending.” – The Wire

• John Saint Pelvyn
Guitarist, therminist, singer, and player of some species of dismantled electrified folk, John Saint Pelvyn is on tour this fall with his new solo release A Clerical Error in Shasta County Shouldn’t have to Ruin a Saturday Night from Seeland/Electro Motive Records. An affinity for the likes of John Fahey, Loren Mazzacane-Connors, and Sandy Bull can be heard here, but the comparisons quickly fall away as one takes in this ambidextrous musical sensibility. He will sing otherworldly vocal duets with his theremin while simultaneously accompanying himself fingerpicking, or will throw modulated feedback tones across otherwise inviting harmonic landscapes based on blues & folk motifs, overshadowing them with clouds of squelch that loom like an approaching post-noise squall, but that ultimately swell and punctuate more like the tone clusters of Henry Cowell or the lyrical saxophone of Frank Lowe.

“When wandering the stage singing into the F-holes of his electric arch top bringing forth arpeggios of feedback, or waving the neck of his guitar in the vicinity of a howling theremin, indeed, he seems to be playing the very air itself.” – Electro Motive


Tucson’s own! Skincage is a one-man noise/ambient/looping project in studio and live incarnations. Recordings are typically the result of meticulous studio work but when I play live I explore the moment with whatever hardware and chance materials I can use.
• Steven Matheson
Steven Matheson is a filmaker working at the borders of both documentary and fictional narrative forms, exploring the ways that the “everyday” can be re-framed and opened up as terrain for fictional re-invention, aesthetic experimentation and social criticism. His film work has been exhibited extensively internationally, at such venues as the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, the ICA in London, and Amsterdam’s World Wide Video Festival.
• Apple Grown in Wind Tunnel
This absurdist, microscopic film noir follows the activities of an underground network of ill people, desperate to create alternative methods of self-care in a world where natural resources are disappearing. While examining the meaning of health, disease, and well-being in the post-industrial world, Apple Grown In Wind Tunnel imagines the development of a culture at the margins, linked by illicit radio broadcasts, toxic waste sites, the highway, and ultimately by the overwhelming desire to find a cure.

“To the immune system in the 21st Century, here’s a sublime video elegy: a tale of illness, and grass-roots conjuring against the contemporary malaise. This riveting toxic-road-movie seeps and slouches forward in search of a cure.” – Craig Baldwin

– Best Narrative Film, 42nd Ann Arbor Film Festival
– Golden Gate Award for New Visions, San Francisco International Film Festival
– Jurors’ Choice Award (First Prize), Black Maria Film and Video Festival
– First Prize, Videoex Experimental Film & Video Festival, Zürich
– One Eye Award, Stuttgarter Filmwinter–Festival for Expanded Media

2001, Video, 26 mins

Karima Walker / Julia Lucille / Sun Riah / Moses Nesh


This is one for the books. Four of the South/Southwest’s leading folksingers combine for one magical night at Exploded View in Tucson–
Karima Walker
“Able to convey things normal songs cannot, a freedom not just born of trope-avoiding experimentalism but somehow inherent in the very combinations of sounds, as though arranged into secret patterns or codes, magic spells that trump postmodern convictions.”– Wake the Deaf

Julia Lucille
“smoldering, vulnerable dream-folk” and “one of the most beautiful and haunting records you’re going to hear all year” –Gorilla vs. Bear.

sun riah
“A spellbinding and crushingly personal ode to people and places and the weight we carry with us from living in and around such things.”– GoldFlakePaint

Moses Nesh
“Nesh’s vocals blur in and out of focus through his quirky slurred delivery. The effect is strangely mesmerising and equally warm, like a distant relation to those pre-war blues and old-time singers, an influence that can be clearly heard throughout No Labor-Saving Machine.”– Folk Radio UK

doors @ 7pm
music @ 8pm sharp (will end by 11pm)

WED 9/27
VERBO•BALA SPOKEN VIDEO: 10 Year Retrospective

Tucson-based artists Adam Cooper-Terán and Logan Phillips re-encounter their longtime collaborator Moisés Regla Demaree (Mexico City) in a live art event blending video and poetry, retrospective and ritual, Mexico and Arizona, past and present. Collaborating under the name Verbo•bala Spoken Video for the past decade, the group creates art that is increasingly relevant in an age of militarized borders, demagoguery, technology, and popular resilience.
It was 2007 when Arizona-born poet Logan Phillips met video artist Moisés Regla Demaree in his native Cuernavaca, Mexico. Joined shortly after by visualist Adam Cooper-Terán of Tucson, the trio began experimenting with what they called “spoken video.” Their genre-bending mix of VJing, bilingual poetry and performance art was uniquely suited to exploring the borders that ran through the group and through their own experiences.
2017 vSv retrospective card 2

FRI 6/30
The Cockettes & Jocko farewell !!



In conjunction with MOCA Tucson’s exhibition:

EV presents The Cockettes “A flamboyant piece of hippie history gets its due in Bill_Weber and David_Weissman’s loving look at the San Francisco drugs-and-drag theatre troupe. The filmmakers capture the spirit of life in a late-sixties commune as well as the Cockettes’ hallucinogenic romps—performances foisted on audiences who were in the mood for wigged-out frivolity. With its archival footage and hilariously frank interviews, the movie makes for a ragtag portrait of a cultural moment when free expression reigned supreme.”
— Bruce Diones, The New Yorker

Join us tonight as we bid a fond farewell to MOCA’s Jocko Weyland as he concludes his run of cultural innovation here in Tucson and heads off to new adventure!. A special bonus screening of one of Jocko’s subcultural faves  “Red and Rosy” will happen too!


1333 N. 4th Ave @ Drachman St (enter through driveway on Drachman St.)

Empire !

The screening of Empire was a triumph of celluloid experience and a wonderful fundraiser for Exploded View!!

Thanks to all who attended and helped make this screening happen!!


 SAT 4/29
  Andy Warhol’s 8 hour EMPIRE !!
Projected IN 16mm film!!!



Co-presented by Olivier Mosset ($10) 7pm- 3am


“The best, most temporal way of making a building that I ever heard of is by making it with light. The Fascists did a lot of this “light architecture.”  If you build buildings with lights outside, you can make them indefinite, and then when you’re through using them

you shut the lights off and they disappear.”

-Andy Warhol (1975)


A feast for all senses, EV invites you to our polyphonic living installation of film, music and multiple multi-channeled mayhem. The Exploded View gallery will be transformed into giant mirrored chamber within which will be projected Andy Warhol’s 1964 silent 8 hour/10 reel film masterpiece EMPIRE. The back of the Toole Shed warehouse will be transformed into a  lounge FACTORY with couches, carpets,  and trippy visuals. This come-and-go event is a first time fundraiser for Exploded View!!

WED 4/26  
Romance, Apocalypse and Moon Landings: Kate McCabe + Gabriella Molina


(filmmakers in person)

Kate McCabe will be showcasing a decade’s worth of her moving image work combining humor in experimental film and premiering her latest 16mm work, You and I Remain. A film inspired by the Anthropocene, You and I Remain is an apocalyptic lullaby, a landscape film mediating on the end of the world. Shot in Big Sur, the Salton Sea and in McCabe’s own neighborhood of Joshua Tree, the film shows us a portrait of the world askew with subtle and moving sound design by Jason Payne of Nitzer Ebb. Local fave, Gabriella Molina begins the evening with a selection of her recent fantastical cut-out animations and light experiments!