Tuesday 5/21
Amazonia: ROGER BEEBE’s New Multi-Projector 16mm Films




Ohio based filmmaker Roger Beebe is renowned for his exquisitely syncopated 16mm multi-projector performances. The works in Beebe’s Exploded View performance represent both ends of the analogue/digital spectrum (from crafted noise to visual investigations). This evening will include:
“Lineage (for Norman McLaren)”: a 4-projector 16mm (mostly) abstract, optical-sound performance:, “Amazonia”: a “desktop cinema” essay on the ways that the virtual economy is transforming physical space and labor, plus and a sprawling meditation on natural beauty that includes Werner Herzog, a bunch of McDonald’s trash, and California’s current superbloom, “de rerum natura.”

Tues 10/4
Bill Daniel presents Chip Lord’s Motorist -outdoor projection !


MOTORIST w/ Bill Daniel & mythic orange 65′ van in person!

(Special outdoor screening at EV OASIS 1333 N. 4th Ave -enter on Drachman)

Event by donation, Swimming & BYBO!!!

A 1989 video by Chip Lord which follows the driver of a 1962 Thunderbird as he crosses the Southwest to deliver the classic car to be sold in Los Angeles to a Japanese collector. The video is an travelogue/essay on the automobile as the symbol and vehicle of American freedom and identity.

Echoing this trip in 2016 is artist Bill Daniel as he drives his classic 1965 Chevy Van from Houston to sell in Los Angeles. Along Daniel’s trip west, following the route of Lord’s driver/protagonist, the 1965 van will be used as an outdoor projection site for screenings of MOTORIST.

Daniel has owed and driven the 1965 Chevy on multiple cross country exhibition tours since 1992. The van has variously functioned as a mobile installation piece, a graffiti wall, a home, and an icon in much of Daniel’s art. In deciding to sell the van it was appealing to bring the van back to it’s original home in California the parallel between this trip and the narrative in Chip Lord’s video MOTORIST came to mind, and it became apparent that this last trip in the Orange Van would need to be an exhibition tour as well. MOTORIST will be projected from/onto Daniel’s van a various outdoor sites between Houston and Los Angeles, in San Antonio, Marfa, Albuquerque, Tucson, Slab City, and other spots as yet unknown…

Since his early days in Ant Farm, Lord’s evocation of the automobile has been the car as avatar, as the spirit of America—that consummate combination of superior organized corporate technology and the pioneering triumph of the willful individual driver. Motorist is a 69-minute road picture in which the camera rides shotgun with TV actor Richard Marcus as he plays a drifting driver. Intercutting scenes of Marcus with clips of industrial films and commercials of the 1940s, ‘50s, and ‘60s,Motorist pinpoints the patriotic heroics and futuristic fantasies of Ford and General Motors, unleashing the pure romanticism of American automophilia at its most ecstatic heights.

MON 10/19 @ 7:30
DVA (Czech Republic) + SHOODA SHOOK IT + surrealist animation

06 dva2 06 shooda_shook_it_tucson

An evening of art-pop music and darkly twisted visions, featuring Czech pop pranksters DVA, Tucson’s freaky fun disco-funksters Shooda Shook It, and uncanny animation. DVA an energetic two-piece duo specializing in a warped pop mishmash that incorporates outré instrumentation, plenty of studio effects, and lyrics culled from their own made-up language. DVA is also known for their animated music films and tonight we will screen some phantasmagorical classics of stop-motion animation from Jan Švankmajer and the Brothers Quay.

Wed 9/23 @ 7:30
DISASTER! The Mystifying Works of J.G Ballard

01 JGBallard

The Mystifying Works of J.G Ballard

(w/ Christopher Cokinos, Brad Schauer and Geoff Notkin in person! Live skype w/Juliette Lee)

Join poet, science fiction critic and nonfiction author Christopher Cokinos and his guests in a night of readings and films celebrating the work of visionary Sci-Fi writer, J.G. Ballard, including selections from CRASH and THE DROWNED WORLD.  Special screenings include the 1971 BBC hybrid video essay “Towards Crash”, a riveting BBC production called “Home,” based on the Ballard story “The Enormous Space,” and snippets from the disturbing film version of THE ATROCITY EXHIBITION.

Sat 8/22 @ 7pm
Stephen Jenkinson: Griefwalker Film Screening & Q&A

Griefwalker is a National Film Board of Canada feature documentary film, directed by Tim Wilson. It is a lyrical, poetic portrait of Stephen Jenkinson’s work with dying people. Filmed over a twelve year period, Griefwalker shows Jenkinson in teaching sessions with doctors and nurses, in counselling sessions with dying people and their families, and in meditative and often frank exchanges with the film’s director while paddling a birch bark canoe about the origins and consequences of his ideas for how we live and die. contact@orphanwisdom.com

Die Wise – A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul, is Stephen Jenkinson’s new book about grief, and dying, and the great love of life. Published by North Atlantic Books. (March 2015)

This event is sponsored by Many Mouths One Stomach, producers of the All Souls Procession. Any proceeds will support the Procession.


TPAC New Works Showcase!


Date:         Thursday, May 21st
Location:  Exploded View Micro-Cinema located at 197 E Toole Ave
Time:         6:00 -7:30PM it’s free admission!

Please join us in this fast, fun evening as TPAC’s New Works Artist Project Awardees (2014-2015)
The artist will present their artwork in the realm of visual arts, sculpture, interdisciplinary arts, literature and playwriting.  Milta Ortiz presents a live excerpt from her docu-theater script Más, based on the banning of Mexican American studies in the Tucson Unified School District; David Sherman’s documentary film Son Blues explores the music and emerging consciousness of a young Tucson musician; Catherine Eyde explores the evolution of her paintings and drawings when she designedly invited her 8 year old daughter Aria into her art; Ben Johnson explores the ancient practice of honeybee domestication and the bond between humans and bees in an interdisciplinary work; Shloka Mangharam Ettna shares new illustrations from her mixed media children’s book Amalla Dreamypants Learns to Fly ; Adan Banuelos discusses his kinetic sculpture inspired by lowrider car culture; and based on news reports of the murders of 85 transgender people in recent years, TC Tolbert creates a series of erasure poems that examine the relationship between violence against trans people and the language used to represent them in the media.

The New Works Grant provides support to individual artists residing in Tucson and Pima County for projects that employ innovative approaches to art, while meeting the highest standards of excellence.

Photo credits (clockwise from top left):  Red Shoes, mixed media on canvas, by Catherine Eyde,  photo by Wilson Graham; Beekeeping, by Ben Johnson; mixed media illustration from the book  Amalla Dreamypants Learns to Fly, by Shloka Mangharam Ettna.



SAT 5/9
Avant – AZ !!

Avant AZ corrATOM-facebook

Experimental Media from TUCSON

Our second annual showcase of experimental media from Tucson! Come see a burgeoning blowout of homespun excellence ranging from experimental animation to music videos to poetic meditations to multi-screen video performance. Featuring several premieres and including the work of: Nika Kaiser, Eli Burke, Steev Hise, Heather Gray, Adam Cooper-Terán, David Pike, Andrew Shuta, Wylwyn Reyes, Willie Magoogley, Bruce Caffrey, Serge J-F. Levy, Zeke Prebluda + Karl White, Kris Aman,  Sam Angiulo, Rebecca Barten, David Sherman & more!

SAT 4/18
The Exploded View Invitational Altered Album Cover Show

6PM (free)

Whether iconic or obscure, wild or laid back, we respond to the art of record album covers in deeply personal ways. Here, in Tucson, vinyl is omnipresent and alive in record swaps, fairs, thrift stores, yard sales and living rooms. EV has invited over 20 artists, dj’s, musicians and collagists to respond to the challenge of altering (re-invented through any desired medium or means) one album cover as a 12.25” x 12.25” canvas for their own imagination. Participants include: Boyd + Lesli Peterson, Fish Karma, Al Perry, Nika Kaiser, Kidd Squidd, Eric Kroll,Carl Hanni, Nick Georgiou,Wesley Fawcett Creigh, Clif Taylor, Christopher Stevens, Carrie Vonier, Bill Mackey, Tom Walbank, Beth Weinstein, Adam Cooper-Teran, Igloo Martian, Andy Burgess, R.Pinpole, Debra Gregerman, Melissa Mauzy, Mommy Ballon, Laurie McKenna, Donovan White , Michael Cadieux, Heather Gray, Timo Sweet, Dimitri Kozyrev. Join us at the opening for an unveiling of re-configured cover-art as well as a spinning of chosen LP’s!