WED 10/12
 DIGITAL ALCHEMY: Works by Gregg Biermann & Axel Roessler

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(Artists in Person)

The New Jersey based digital filmmaker Gregg Biermann presents a range of his exquisitely re-mixed takes on cinema. Writes, Larry Gottheim, “In this work Gregg Biermann has taken head-on some of the supreme moments of classical cinema and subjected them to a dazzling transformation in the digital domain. The results are exhilarating, surprising tours de force. They also have a zany quality that shows the artist to have a witty imagination. He is a prober into the hidden corners of cinema, and a master of computer-based wizardry.” The show opens with a screening of Frankfurt media artist (and recent Tucson transplant) Axel Roessler’s videos that engage cultural critique through computer modeling and manipulation!

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