Wed Jan 27
Degenerate Video Lounge: SEX MACHINE! Matthew Barney & Luther Price

1 cremaster-41 luther-price-utopia030

EV’S Spring opens with a deviant BANG, pairing the decadent 90’s most unsettling sexual provocateurs Matthew Barney & Luther Price. In their own distinct and deranged filmworlds, hyper/poly/queer sexuality is re-imagined in relation to fetishized MACHINES. Shot on the Isle of Man, Cremaster 4, the first film in the epic Cremaster Cycle, is Barney’s mythic motorcycle racing, polysexual adrenalized allegory featuring Barney as the dandyish tapsuited Satyr. Boston filmmaker Luther Price’s Me Gut No Dog Dog (1995), is a libido driven obsessive found-footage dirge which must be seen to be believed! The film features a military training film, a 1970’s U of A student production of an action Kung-Fu film shot on the U of A Campus, circle jerks, anonymous businessmen, a motorized dildo machine, and modernist architecture! Never before screened on this dry coast, Price is one of the most brilliant underground film artists of our time.

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