Karima Walker / Julia Lucille / Sun Riah / Moses Nesh


This is one for the books. Four of the South/Southwest’s leading folksingers combine for one magical night at Exploded View in Tucson–
Karima Walker
“Able to convey things normal songs cannot, a freedom not just born of trope-avoiding experimentalism but somehow inherent in the very combinations of sounds, as though arranged into secret patterns or codes, magic spells that trump postmodern convictions.”– Wake the Deaf

Julia Lucille
“smoldering, vulnerable dream-folk” and “one of the most beautiful and haunting records you’re going to hear all year” –Gorilla vs. Bear.

sun riah
“A spellbinding and crushingly personal ode to people and places and the weight we carry with us from living in and around such things.”– GoldFlakePaint

Moses Nesh
“Nesh’s vocals blur in and out of focus through his quirky slurred delivery. The effect is strangely mesmerising and equally warm, like a distant relation to those pre-war blues and old-time singers, an influence that can be clearly heard throughout No Labor-Saving Machine.”– Folk Radio UK

doors @ 7pm
music @ 8pm sharp (will end by 11pm)

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