THU 10/8 @ 7:30

04 konefsky golden pride small size04 Basement Films Angels DL program

(Filmmaker/Curator Bryan Konefsky in person)

A program of Albuquerque-based Bryan Konefsky’s independent cinematic projects, including selections from Konefsky’s documentary on media scholar and visionary theorist, Gene Youngblood (author of the 1970 groundbreaking Expanded Cinema). Additionally, Konefsky presents works from Albuquerque’s Basement Films and the cutting edge film festival Experiments in Cinema. For Konefsky, “un-dependent” film/video artists are the modern day equivalent of the traveling troubadour, sharing the cultural news of the day in an un-mediated, first-person form. Come connect with our microcinema comrade for a guided tour of visionary New Mexico and it’s intersection with world media currents.