SAT Nov 21 @ 7:30
Other Cinema (SF) Celebration

12 OtherCinemaResized     12 TRIBULATION-99 12 Tribulation06

After an epic run of over 30 years of experimental, agitprop and activist film & video, Other Cinema has just narrowly avoided being  given the gentrifying jack-boot from their storefront on Valencia Street in San Francisco’s Mission district (& miraculously signed a new 5 year lease!!) . Other Cinema is the passionate curatorial project of the genius found-footage essayist/provocateur filmmaker Craig Baldwin. With a sphere of creative influence that has extended across the world through his bricolage of DIY media forms and radical politics that have been the hallmark of OC’s amazing run of community-based media exhibition. Tonight at EV we will pay tribute to the internationally inspirational Other Cinema through the screening of Baldwin’s masterpiece Tribulation 99 and works by OC luminary such as Greta Snider, Vanessa Renwick, Gibbs Chapman, Kerry Laitala, Bryan Boyce & more. Plus we hope to bring our EV audience a live video feed direct from the last OC show happening simultaneously in SF!

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