Tuesday 10/18 
 POWER & PROTEST: Brian Mock’s RNC/DNC Slap Down + Deep State


NOTE NEW DATE –  day before the last Presidential debate!!

(Brian Mock in person)    

Pre-election provocateur, educator & outsider ethnologist Brian Mock presents a startling selection of narrated behind-the-scenes video from both the RNC and DNC! The second part of this evening features the post-Occupy sci-fi essay Deep State by UK artists Karen Mirza and Brad Butler The film takes its title from the Turkish term Derin Devlet, meaning ‘state within the state’. This shadowy nexus of special interests and covert relationships is the place where real power is said to reside, and where fundamental decisions are made – decisions that often run counter to the outward impression of democracy.

WED 9/14
Grin Without a Cat

03Grin Without a Cat 2 03Grin-Without-Cat-still 03a-grin-without-a-cat

From young anti-war protesters in America to the death of Che Guevara and the rise of leaders like Fidel Castro and Mao Tse-Tung, this remarkably fluid 3 hour documentary examines the rise and fall of the leftist movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Rejecting textbook history, the first segment delves into the beginnings of this liberal faction, focusing on 1967, when anti-Vietnam fervor swept the USA and invigorated the political debate. In part two, the disintegration of the movement, dubbed the “new left,” is laid out. Rather than authoritative or sociological. Marker’s technique is essayistic, digressive, fleet-footed, sublime and conjunctural.