SAT 4/11

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Tisch Abelow (NYC) and Wesley Fawcett Crei


SAT 4/11 (free!)

Tisch Abelow (NYC) and Wesley Fawcett Creigh (Tucson) pay a surreal homage to their teenage years with an experimental documentary film comprised of footage taken 12 years earlier during their senior year of high school. In the fall of 2013, Tisch revisited this footage and pared it down into a short film, mostly starring Wesley’s father, which she calls, “a musing on the mundane.” In addition, there will be a collaborative 2-D artwork spanning the course of their friendship reflecting on the nihilistic and absurd tendencies of youth. Please join us as we “come of age” with cake and local DJ’s.

Sat 11/ 1

6-9 pm, FREE

Art Installation Opening

Regret and Rationalization is a piece that uses sound, text, drawing, photography, and video to explore and portray the human aptitude to regret and rationalize at the individual and community level. Individually, we process this loop of regret and rationalization as we travel through the landscape (what else is there to do as we drive our cars, ride our bicycles, or take the trolley?). Collectively, the stories, policies and the subsequent built environment are supported by a public process of regret and rationalization.

Bill Mackey is the principal at Worker, Inc., a company that specializes in the production of architecture, exhibits, pamphlets, books, artworks and other ephemera. His main objective is to explore the psychological, cultural, physical, and political connections humans have to the physical landscape.


Babboo’s Moving Pictures: (AIR) Noah Saterstrom

“Letterklankbeelden (Lettersoundimages)” is the title of a series of visual poems published by Theo van Doesburg in De Stijl in 1921. The text was an early example of deviant typography. Auditory and abstract, his text plays with and distorts traditional type setting. Noah will spend the week at EV, making a text/image drawing within, in response to, in the context of, and incorporating, the exhibition space.