SAT 4/29
  I’LL BE YOUR MIRROR:  Andy Warhol’s 8 HOUR Empire PROJECTED IN 16MM!!!

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Co-presented by Olivier Mosset ($10 students)  7pm- 3am


“The best, most temporal way of making a building that I ever heard of is by making it with light. The Fascists did a lot of this “light architecture.”  If you build buildings with lights outside, you can make them indefinite, and then when you’re through using them

you shut the lights off and they disappear.”

-Andy Warhol (1975)


A feast for all senses, EV invites you to our polyphonic living installation of film, music and multiple multi-channeled mayhem. The Exploded View gallery will be transformed into giant mirrored chamber within which will be projected Andy Warhol’s 1964 silent 8 hour/10 reel film masterpiece EMPIRE. This come-and-go event is a first time fundraiser for Exploded View, as we enter our 5th year, to stay strong in our mission of cultivating film, music and provocation!