THU 10/15 @ 7:30
Iris Film Collective 16mm Film Tour

05 EOTW GENERIC poster

(Vancouver filmmaker Ryder Thomas White in person)

Engaging DIY aesthetics and politics, Iris Film Collective presents eight of their new hand-processed b&w 16mm films with a collective theme addressing “the end of the world”. Iris writes, “… the sea levels rise, the magnetic poles switch, we face the mortality of ourselves and those we love and question ideas of identity, representation and time itself.” This unique program pushes the technical limits of motion picture film, imagination and collaboration.

IFC is a Vancouver-based group of independent artists creating, exhibiting and touring film-based works with the goal of increasing the visibility and accessibility of experimental media art. Above all, our interest in ciné film—actual celluloid—at a time when this medium is shifting to a post-industry model, is of key interest in all our pursuits.

05 RyderFP1 05 Alex Orwo Oil BW

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