Sunday 1/5
LVNDR MRRRR experimental house music from Portland!

Exploded View blasts into the New Year with a visit from Portland’s Lavender Mirror (experimental near-future Enya pop sweethearts sharing Unity Consciousness jams from Portland)! Bringing their infectious groves to an out Party! LVNDR MRRR makes healing club & mythical disco with elements of lost landscapes.
emily: driftwood drums, vocals, various percussion, occasional rainstick, Roland SPDS.
kerby: microkorg, vocals, various synths+effects.



Opening will be Timo Sweet (aka Dr. Decent), Sonora in Stereo pt1, DJ set w/ some original electronic works in progress, inspired by the New York artist’s recent arrival in these sublime surroundings.

Glitch In Green by Dr. Decent on Mixcloud

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