PETER ROSE: Towards a 6th Dimensional Cine


(Filmmaker Peter Rose in Person)

Co-Presented by the Hanson Film Institute

It is EV’s true honor to present an in-person screening of the visionary work of multimedia artist Peter Rose (Philadelphia) at EV. Drawing on his background in mathematics and physics, Peter Rose has been working for over 40 years with time, space, sound and light to conjure higher dimensions of vision and his work has been shown at major venues throughout the US and Europe. Rose will show a survey of his work to date: twenty-five screen multiple images that spatialize time; documents of video installations that play with appearance and reality, and investigations of novel forms of illumination, all culminating in the first display of Rose’s most recent experiments in Six-Dimensional video. 3D glasses will be provided!!

Studies in Transfalumination  Metalogue 300 6D E