A Thanksgiving Prayer: William S. Burroughs at 100

Wednesday, October 22


22-Burroughs-shooting-by-Jon-Blumb 22-Burroughs-by-Jon-Blumb

An evening dedicated to the life, work and legacy of William S. Burroughs on the 2014 anniversary of his 100th birthday.   John Melillo and Carl Hanni present this evening exploring the life and work of the Black Pope. Burroughs prose and spoken word recordings – visionary, incendiary and hallucinogenic – have been both widely influential and alarmingly prescient. Notorious early works Junkie and Naked Lunch were just the tip of a very deep body of outrageous work spanning several decades. Burroughs is paid tribute to in film, recordings, spoken word, remembrances and more, including excerpts from his filmic collaborations with Brion Gysin, Robert Frank and Gus Van Sant. This special event starts early and goes until we’re done.