WED Jan 6 @ 7:30 $5
Strange and Chaotic Places: New Video from Colombia!!

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(curator in person)

Tonight we welcome Bogotá based artist & curator Carolina Fernandez Del Dago presenting a program of new experimental video from the country of Colombia. Many of these new works recently screened at the inaugural Lugares Extraños y Caóticos Festival and represent a cross section experimental practices and themes from an emerging media scene. In addition, Del Dago will be including a selection of historical cinematic works (from as far back as the 1960’s) that mark the genesis of alternative media in the country. Employing diverse forms and aesthetics, the selected works are critical and playful in their portraiture of absurdity; a specific embodiment of the Colombian cultural imagery. DJ Carl Hanni will open & close the show spinning Cumbia, Champeta and more from the vibrant musical landscape that is Colombia!

Sun 10/26
RADIO URUGUAY: Mark Street’s Hasta Nunca.

Filmmaker Mark Street (Brooklyn) in person!

EV is thrilled to present the work of longtime compatriot, Mark Street, an always adventurous and insightful filmmaker with a practice that spans from experimental film to re-invented documentary and narrative forms. Street’s experimental narrative, Hasta Nunca follows Mario Ligetti, a middle aged hipster DJ who produces an underground radio show in Montevideo, Uruguay. On his show “Secrets and Stories”, he invites listeners to share their intimate thoughts with him and a live radio audience. The film is the product of a close collaboration between Street and an Uruguayan cast and crew, and lead actor Rufo Martínez, a real life DJ and television personality. Shot in cinéma vérité style, Hasta Nunca takes a deeper look at one of Latin America’s under represented countries, carefully touching upon local themes like the lingering effects of the dictatorship and the illegality of abortion. The film interweaves documentary and fiction, scripted narrative and improvisation, and is as much a portrait of Montevideo as it is the story of one of its chroniclers.