EXPLODED VIEW INVITATIONAL: The Altered Arizona Postcard Show

EV Gallery Opening

The common & diminutive canvas of the postcard is one that evokes a range of personal responses. Exploded View has invited Arizona artists from a wide range of disciplines and generations to transform, through any chosen means, a selection of Arizona postcards dating from the 50’s to the 90’s. Artists include Bill Mackey, Michael Cadieux, Andy Burgess, Simon Donovan, Carrie Vonier, Lawrence Gipe, Jenny Day, Eliza Adams, Peter Young, R. Pinpole, Tom Walbank, Angie Zielinski, Jocko Weyland, Dimitri Kosyrev, Laurie McKenna, The Gloo Factory, and more. Also, for this event, the inauguration of our printed matter kiosk stocked with artists’ multiples of altered AZ postcards!

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