WED 9/27
VERBO•BALA SPOKEN VIDEO: 10 Year Retrospective

Tucson-based artists Adam Cooper-Terán and Logan Phillips re-encounter their longtime collaborator Moisés Regla Demaree (Mexico City) in a live art event blending video and poetry, retrospective and ritual, Mexico and Arizona, past and present. Collaborating under the name Verbo•bala Spoken Video for the past decade, the group creates art that is increasingly relevant in an age of militarized borders, demagoguery, technology, and popular resilience.
It was 2007 when Arizona-born poet Logan Phillips met video artist Moisés Regla Demaree in his native Cuernavaca, Mexico. Joined shortly after by visualist Adam Cooper-Terán of Tucson, the trio began experimenting with what they called “spoken video.” Their genre-bending mix of VJing, bilingual poetry and performance art was uniquely suited to exploring the borders that ran through the group and through their own experiences.
2017 vSv retrospective card 2

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