WED Dec 9 @ 7:30
YAYOI KUSAMA: I Love Me + Karima Walker

16 Yayoi-Kusama


This fantastic documentary profiles the avant-garde Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama (b. 1929), a polka-dot-loving eminence recognized throughout the international art world. Kusama is one of the most influential and most collected artists of the 1960s; this film follows her creative process in her later years, working on a massive solo exhibition. At once an endearing and an intimidating character, Kusama has been widely quoted as saying “If I didn’t make art, I’d probably be dead by now.” As each work comes to completion, we witness the essence of Kusama’s art welling up in the conflict between life, death, and love. Opening the show will be multi-instrumentalist & songwriter Karima Walker who will be channeling Kusama’s ecstatic energies into a minimalist folk-scape of image and sound.

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