WED 11/11 @ 7:30
Patrick McGuinn’s I, Scorpio

10 i scorpio

1970’s Gay Desert Eros!

(Filmmaker & actors in person)

I, Scorpio is a homo-erotic experimental narrative, set in the mid 1970’s, about a drug dealer who picks up a Mexican hitchhiker on a desert road in Arizona. Filmed and cast in Tucson, the dreamy, hypnotic I, Scorpio is the latest sun and sex-drenched film by writer-director Patrick McGuinn. Set in 1974, this film stars Coleman Kent, as Beau, the American who picks up Jesus, Christian Isaac Cruz; they drive off into the desert, do some drugs and later hole up in a motel to have sex. McGuinn uses this minimal premise as a means to explore a spiritual intersection of cinematic experimentation and the landscapes of desire. McGuinn will open the show with a selection of music and film shorts.

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