Sun 10/9
PERFORMANCE VIDEO AND COLORED GLOVES! Gary Setzer & Tommy Becker in person

Interdisciplinary artist, Gary Setzer opens his archives and shares a selection of single-channel videos reaching back to the turn of the century. Equal parts Sesame Street and process-oriented art, Setzer playfully blurs the distinction between these two languages—the aggressively tamed palette of an audience-friendly educational experience and the less accessible lineage of the avant-garde. For Tommy Becker, this evening’s show will explore and celebrate the dynamics of the high school landscape and complexities of relationships. Within these two themes, the role of color in art history, the vitality of lemons as educational inquiry and the ebb and flow in our interpersonal lives will be introduced through PowerPoint and celebrated in song.

1black1white10-LEMON still C 10-primary

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