Sun 4/6
North African Film Festival: Women of the Maghreb


A selection of 5 films about women in North Africa

(This program was made possible, in part, through cooperation with Women’s Voices Now)

12.30pm Doors open; photography exhibit
1.00pm Introduction: Christian Sinclair, assistant director, UA Center for Middle Eastern Studies; and Hafsa Oubou, graduate student, UA School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies
1.10pm Women’s Voices Now promotional video (2m)
1.15pm The Daughter of Keltoum (Algeria, 2001, 106m)
3.15pm Avant-Propos (Tunisia, 2007, 16m)
3.35pm You Can Dream (Morocco, 27m)
4.10pm Behind (Morocco, 4m)
4.20pm Satin Rouge (Tunisia, 2002, 95m)

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