Sat 2/22

SAT. 2/22 @7:30

Tonight, we celebrate Black History Month through Afrofuturism, a strain of late 20th century pop music and culture pioneered by artists like Sun Ra, George Clinton and Lee (Scratch) Perry, which drew on sci-fi, electronic instruments and experiences of racial marginalization to forge a unique aesthetic. We premiere The Australian Collective, Soda_Jerk’s amazing mix-up suite, Astro Black which samples everything from Star Trek to Public Enemy to The Matrix. Also, John Akomfarh’s rarely seen futuristic essay, The Last Angel of History which explores the relationship between pan-African culture, inter-galactic travel, computer technology (Detroit Techno), DJ Spooky and Ishmael Reed. Come early for a 16mm walk-in reel of the 1970’s Black Music in America!!



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